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A family with bad genes. If you get stuck with these genes I feel bad for you. If you are from Dershem descent you will be really stupid or really smart. But luckily this comes with some perks. Dershems have large penises and are really lucky with the ladies. And they are usually really hot. On the downside you get dumped once they figure out your personality. Also life is really easy because no one expects you to do anything. Unless your smart. Then life is filled with money and the ladies and a good house. The smart ones own penguins and leopards. The dumb ones own cows and chickens. Good luck in life.
Farmers or Red Necks are usually of Dershem descent.

Scientists and Architects who own penguins and leopards are usually of Dershem descent.
by HarryFreeman January 02, 2012
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