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The lazyest and saddest police force in the history of the world. They bug the children of the town for doing nothing, and accuses them of everything. Daily tasks include; taking kids BB/Airsoft guns, eating at the Wendy's near Hershey Outlets, and telling kids to get off the old township building property (before it becomes a hotel). They however ignore when the CVS gets robbed, pretending to care when really they just want to get back to Wendy's.

Other Info: They tend to poorly bust parties of the kids at Hershey High.
Do not dial 911 in Hershey because they will not help you.
Kid 1: I heard the CVS was robbed last night!

Kid 2: Yeah, but Derry Township Police didn't show up for like an hour after it happend.

Kid 3: Yeah cause they where at the park taking my BB guns...
by Hershey Kids? October 21, 2011