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hot southern black girl who's kind heart is always wanting to help people. she loves to cause pain to all her male friends (guess it turn them on cause they let her) and hates to be compared to other girls cause no one is as hot or smart or even sexy as her. she just thinks it's rude. she's a freak in the bed and gives the best blowjobs in the world. she a goddess stuck on earth, surrounded by dummys an morons. she is the all time perfect girl for any guy!
max: hey bonnie, why cant you be like Derrineisha.

Bonnie: i can only hope in the future i'll one day be like her.

max: not likely but you can dream.

Bonnie: so true!
by hard rock python :3 January 09, 2013
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A Beautiful flower who can't be mean even if she tries hard to do so . An angel who could beat Venus in a beauty pageant! A diamond among rocks. She is a treat to see and to meet. All Carmel and a bit of a sweet tooth to all. She is just..... a Derrineisha. she's clean and doesn't do any thing dirty... she is a true woman and she is loved. her purpose is to bring happy and to love everything. God made her just perfect!
a girl is getting teased.
another girl steps in and stops it. The other girl thinks she has meet an angel... she has..
she's just meet Derrineisha!
by I love an angel from heaven January 09, 2013

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