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A thugged out chink that resides the violent streets of westmoor
Derrick you Chink.........thug life mutha fucka's!!!!
by Cypher1102 April 15, 2005
sushi makes him horny
i like sushi. i like it alot
by n3wbi3 April 21, 2005
The guy who is talking about Crack as I'm typing this, smacking his hands and pretending he is smoking a joint...hes still pretending to smoke....still.....stilll....now he is talking about butts and boobies. Now he is talking about him drinking when he was like, 8. I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!
R.I.P Derrick Lam 1:05Pm 4/18/2005.
by Lunerfox April 19, 2005