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Patron saint of corduroy and Frock Coats. Hobbies included scaring the crap out of students and making Stephen Fry say 'Fuck' loudly.
You're about as twisted as that Derren Brown Forum!
by Igloomode October 29, 2004
A very charming, clever and rather handsome fellow from Croydon who is very good at bending people's minds.
You: Hello - how are you today?
Me: Hello - Derren Brown is currently bending my mind and it feels very pleasant indeed, thankyou very much.
by Aviva April 01, 2004
is a unique force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour. He doesn’t claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of applied psychology, magic, misdirection and showmanship.
Derren Brown Trick Of The Mind - Every Monday E4 10:30 and repeated Channel 4 10:30 Fridays
by Matty B May 02, 2005
A charismatic, charming and attractive man who can influence women with mind control.
Derren Brown: "look into my eyes"
Woman starts to swoon and is willing to do anything for him
by Clotje April 02, 2004
Marvellous, somewhat cryptic yet challenging man. Uses psychology to create astounding mind trickery.
Isn't that Derren Brown marvellous? Why yes, I believe you're right.
by Binky The Doormat January 15, 2004
an enchanting and bewitching young man with his own television show. Capable of infulkence people, in especial, women. However, he does not need to, they fall at his feet
Obviously another Derren Brown- well, he is ludicrously tasty

Oh, I love the Derren Brown! He make me aso a sex wee!
by Harpy May 17, 2004
mind controlling suave suited man from croyden who tried to shoot himself in the head.
"you're looking bit derren brown today in those gay shoes"
by urchin April 05, 2004
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