In the 1940's Raymond A. Palmer was the editor of a science fiction magazine called Amazing Stories. The magazine did well and was big among science fiction fans. In March of 1945 a man named Richard S. Shaver who had been in and out of prison and mental homes submitted a science fiction story about a race of creatures who used to live on earth, but were forced to live underground because the suns radiation was too intense. They degenerated into deranged robots or "deros" for short. Palmer published the story as truth and it was a big hit with his fans. Palmer realized that he could get an occult following if he published crazy science fiction as truth, and that he could make a lot of money off of gullible people. Sales were way up, and so were the profits. For the next year Palmer had Shaver write up quick stories that he would rewrite into elaborate fantasies about this make believe race. They made money like this for a while, and it was always a big joke to Palmer who openly spoke about it often. Many years later Dr. York realized he could make money off of gullible people with the same old science fiction story by publishing it as fact.
He did just that and added the fictional story of the underground Deros to his scrolls and perpetuated the knowledge as indisputable fact. Unfortunately the majority of his followers don't research his claims any deeper than the scrolls he writes them in, so they carry on their lives feeling as though they have a hidden knowledge that most people don't have. When in reality they are living in a delusion created by an ex r&b singer.York is as smooth at hustling his people as he was seducing women on his albums, and he will continue to live lavishly as a multi millionaire, at their expense.
I have no example
by AC January 16, 2004
Top Definition
Also spelt Derro, is a term for an extremely lower class no hoper. Especially those into underage smoking, wearing DADA or Adidas, Listens to Eminem and a stoner.
Basically the whole population of Kempsey, N.S.W Australia
Short for Derelict.
Uptown Kempsey is full of Deros.
by Ophelia December 14, 2003
Some sort of loser; a person amongst the dregs of society.
by drl May 22, 2003
people that wear clothes such as dada or wu-tang. hardcore wannabes that listen to eminem, and are into underage smoking. almost always stoners. live in the shit part of any neighbour hood
many can be found in pubbo schools such as shenton. (there are shit loads at shenton).
by schnelly March 16, 2004
A hobo, derelict or bogan. A person that is homeless or acts as if they are homeless, generally to be cool with other hobos.
Whoa, that punk Steve guy at Lilydale station is a real dero, i wanna bash his head hard.
by Darky October 30, 2004
Like Australian versions of 'Red Necks' and another term for 'Bogan'.

People who roam around wearing moccasins, thongs, pajama's, underwear and skanky looking clothing.
People who look and ARE poor, living in homes shared with rats and cockroaches and various other things.

Most of the time, you'll see them wandering down the streets at all hours of the night and early morning in Lavington, New South Wales Australia (otherwise known as 'Stabbington').
You'll see a lot of Dero's inside shopping centers such as 'Big W' or 'Kmart', often hanging around the food courts like scabby little creatures.

A lot of Dero's go to James Fallon High School and Murray High School as the area that these schools are located in are absolutely distraught looking areas in dire need of repair as the people whom occupy these homes are on the dole and cannot take care of themselves.

On a side note, most dero's take offence to being called so. If you ever come across these things, never approach them, they might get their cousins or uncles on you if you just so happen to wrong them in any sort of way.
You smoke cones? You drink VB in your undies on the lawn? You live in Lavington?
by .Alex. .R. May 15, 2011
wannabe losers that think they are cool because they smoke and drink and hang out with other dero losers that dress like retards and think they are hardcore.
Moruya is full of dero kids.
by jess mcgann May 25, 2008
As a short form of the word derelict, it has come to mean a great many things.
A dero can be described as someone who lacks hygiene… a life, friends, sometimes even a home. They often smell, due to the lack of hygiene. Then you get people that want to be deros, they listen to punk, or heavy metal music, wear black make-up, but can’t afford deodorant.
People in Bracken Ridge State High School
by ghetto_child October 06, 2004
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