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In All American Valley part of Connecticut, very small city named after Derby, England. Derby has around 13,000 residents and it's only 5 square miles which makes it the smallest city in Connecticut by area. It is also known as "Dirty Derby" because of the White Trash and poor people that live in the city and the trash all over the city. It is very poor to CT standards. In recent decades more minorities have been moving in because of the expenses are cheaper in the city and the strong KKK presence in the CT Valley has died down. Most people from this area commute south to Bridgeport or north to Waterbury for work. There isn't much to do here everything is dirty and the people look it too. It takes about 15 seconds to drive through on CT route 8. Derby has a railroad station called Derby-Shelton of the Waterbury Branch of the MTA's of NYC New Haven Line.
Derby, CT
by InCT August 01, 2011
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A terrible town, if even that. With no money, no objects, nothing at all, you can't say you live in Derby. You just Derby.
With only a few good people from Derby, it is full of many sluts and playas. STAY AWAY FROM HERE. Relating a trash can or garbage or sh*t to Derby IS A DISGRACE TO THE OBJECT BEING RELATED. Sh*t, or a garbage can, or anything else, is 253 times better than "Derby-ing."
What smells like sh*t, Derby, CT ?
Nah, it doesn't smell THAT bad, Derby, CT is a lot worse.
by Chavezzz16 March 01, 2011
you said Derby? you sure that's the name of a place?
i said DERBY, CT. D-E-R-B-Y.
by ambyzz December 25, 2008

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