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The word takes its roots from the modern Vietnamese phrase 'Dep Gai,' used when referring to a particularly attractive, or handsome man. The phrase originated in its conemporary form when, a group of plucky Australian school students from Lismore, NSW, on a trip to Vietnam learned only one phrase, 'Dep Guy.' Unfortunately, the rate of truly attractive Vietnamese men was so low, they feared it would go unused. Things changed for the better however, when during a traditional Vietnamese style dinner in Hoi, they noticed, playing a Vietnamese style guitar, in the band, the most attracive Vietnamese guy who ever lived. He was a stone cold fox, giften not only with stunning good looks, but a musical soul. Upon request, it was learned that his name was 'Dontain,' half French, half Vietnamese.

The prase 'Dep Guy' may not be used when referring to a male of average or mediocre good looks, it must be used when refferring to a male with exceptional physcial and emotional attributes that demand admiration, respect, and stalking.
National 'Dep Guy' day is now celebrated in Australia in the 18th of August Annually.
Upon noticing an attractive male it may be shouted in place of a wolf whiste "Dep Guy."
"He's no Dep Guy, but he's better than Nigel."
"Here's lookin' at you Dep Guy."
"He's tolerable, but not Dep Guy-ish enough to tempt me."
"Is that a dep guy in your pants, or are you just happy to see me."
by L.L.Cool J. November 07, 2007
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