It stands for Defining Expression of Sound. DEOS is an accessory for Apple earphones.
I want my DEOS
by Sassy5855 June 22, 2009
Top Definition
Cool MO'FO!!, a smart thinker, baller and career oriented
Man, you're ballin like there's no tommorrow huh? you pullin a Deo?
by Deo April 09, 2006
Short for deodorant.
I need some deo for my b.o.
by Blooregard Q. Kazoo June 15, 2007
The most bro-est way to say video.
1: "Dude that guy's totally having a seizure!"
"Should I take a deo?"
2: "I saw that deo where you shit your pants Hotchkuss."
by Jakeafee May 18, 2011
Deep East Oakland

anywhere from 70th - Sobrante Park (100's) in East Oakland, CA . Most males in Deep East Oakland use the word Mobb, because it originated there.
1: Where you from.?
2; im from DEO mayne.
1: Thats wassup, im from the deep east too.
by Ra$k. August 23, 2010

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