The person who goes to get a Moroccan, under age, without any ID, allegedly Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak's niece, arrested on a charge of theft from the Police Station at 3 am and after calls the Italian prime minister
Berlusconi told police he was dispatching a colleague to take temporary custody of Ruby Rubacuori (Karima Keyek) should she be released. He sent Nicole Minetti, a half-English TV showgirl turned dental hygienist who reportedly caught Berlusconi's eye when she treated his teeth and was made a regional councillor for his Freedom People party in March.
by ofthewind November 03, 2010
Top Definition
The Hot Girls at the Dentist Office who clean your teeth and tell you to brush more often. They accidentally brush their breasts against you and use the suction too.
A dental hygienist is the cute blonde who cleans your teeth every 6 mos. that you secretely have a crush on.
by Casey X. March 17, 2009
The boy you can't wait to get in your mouth! With his hot instruments!

If you wanna see him every 3 months, Stop flossing!
by Male RDH February 04, 2010
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