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The Hot Girls at the Dentist Office who clean your teeth and tell you to brush more often. They accidentally brush their breasts against you and use the suction too.
A dental hygienist is the cute blonde who cleans your teeth every 6 mos. that you secretely have a crush on.
by Casey X. March 17, 2009
The boy you can't wait to get in your mouth! With his hot instruments!

If you wanna see him every 3 months, Stop flossing!
by Male RDH February 04, 2010
The person who goes to get a Moroccan, under age, without any ID, allegedly Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak's niece, arrested on a charge of theft from the Police Station at 3 am and after calls the Italian prime minister
Berlusconi told police he was dispatching a colleague to take temporary custody of Ruby Rubacuori (Karima Keyek) should she be released. He sent Nicole Minetti, a half-English TV showgirl turned dental hygienist who reportedly caught Berlusconi's eye when she treated his teeth and was made a regional councillor for his Freedom People party in March.
by ofthewind November 03, 2010