1. The Presence of Thought Processes which lead to an inbred Fear or Loathing of anyone or Anything that does not conform to our Desired Boundaries of Religous Indoctrination.
2. A "Looking Away" from what was Originally Written in Scripture for Our Benefit.
3. An Avoidance of Our own flaws in the light we Shine upon others Flaws, Seeing them Much Bigger than our own.
4. Ouch!...
"Man, so sick of these Religous Nuts and their Denominational Bigotry!'
"Dude, you are so quick with Your Denominational Bigotry when you judge what Music I listen to...Gahh!"
"Why do you call those guys Father? Maybe it's just my Denominational Bigotry showing, but, I don't Understand...I thought He was in Heaven?"
by TheLaughsOnUs April 03, 2011

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