A derivative of the Portugese Breakfast.
1. A man wraps his meat with bacon, creating a ba-condom.

2. He then cracks 4 eggs into the vag and stuffs his sausage roll in, giving it to her relentlessly. Now, depending on preference, he may choose to creampie, or pull out. If it's for her, creampie is recommended!

3. Drain half of this mixture into a bowl and half into a sizzling skillet. Unwrap the bacondom, toss it in the skillet as well.

4. Whisk the bowl mixture, creating a pancake consistency, then cook this in a separate skillet.

5. Once all 3 courses are prepared you can either put it on a nice plate and serve it to your lady, or you can go all out, throw that back on the vag and create the Ultimate Old King Clancey. Make sure to have lots of Maple Syrup.

6. Enjoy!
Guy1: Morning sex was great today. She wanted a portugese breakfast, but I was also hungry, so I suggested the Denny's Grand Slam.
Guy2: Dude, thats awesome, did you include the creampie?
Guy1: Yup
Guy2: Yer Effed buddy!!
Guy2: Old King Clancey Style?
Guy1: You know it!!
#denny's #grand #slam #portugese #bacon #bacondom #king clancey
by Grundleheimer Schmidt February 05, 2011
Top Definition
after a nice breakfast you ask your partner for reverse titty fuck (so your ass is above her face) as you are in the process ask for her to lick your butt hole, if she complies shit in her mouth.
bro i gave that chick the Dennys Grand slam this morning.
#cleveland steamer #hot carl #strawberry shortcake #chili dog #tea bag
by The_Green_Monster May 24, 2010
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