a slang word for marijuana used so as not to attract attention from authority figures.
Hey man lets go to dennys after the dance.
by Ellimem December 27, 2006
when one experiences a sudden erection
Man, I looked at that girl and got a total denny right now.
by manatee18 August 05, 2011
A beautiful girl, who is caring and sweet. She has a quirky side that likes to lurk around and be creepy when only her close friends are watching, but she is definitely a keeper :)

Often used to describe a 'wholesome' girl who can switch from fun to serious when necessary
We were gettin' weak and then she went all Denny on me after I got embarrassed.
by muhshell September 22, 2010
A nasty ass fuckin diner in my area that never has the shit that I want.

Not a good place to eat.
Denny's? No, that place is a ghetto all by itself.
by Body. June 25, 2016
A restaurant that you can only end up in if - A) You aren't sober or B) Your life is in a tailspin and have hit rock bottom. The mean weight of the average person who goes to Denny's is 375 lbs or so. When entering you have a good 50% chance that you either pass out in the bathroom or take a big portion out of your life because of the food, most likely both. Similar but even trashier to iHop, Denny's is a place where most of the visitors know more about the menu than the waiters and waitresses (Which is justified since they see how it's really made and know that eating it is a death-wish) . If you had the mental capacity to read to this point, you probably understand fully that Denny's is a place you try to avoid at all costs...
Guy 1: Yo, wanna go to Denny's tonight? I heard they had they have a deal on Grand Slams.
Guy 2: We can't be friends anymore, I wasn't aware that you don't have any regard for my health, family, or general well being...
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by regginite June 17, 2016
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