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The new name of any kid caught caked out in public at a Denny's restaurant
Denny lives on fairlawn.
by socko34 September 20, 2006
Denny's is quite possibly the finest restaurant in the English speaking world. Through a combination of expert service, delicious food, and an atmosphere that even a king could find comfort in, Denny's far surpasses any other restaurant. Denny's is also open 24 hours a day, so at four in the morning you can go and find the 3 aforementioned characteristics to nullify those late night cravings you get from "activities" you may have partaken in earlier that evening.
"When I go to Denny's, I order the Chicken Alfredo because it offers a taste of Italy at a price the entire family can enjoy. Who needs the Olive Garden?"
by Mark Grossman April 16, 2007
The feelin that is evoked following a large meal at a Denny's establshment. Generally occurs after 1:00 a.m. Following a delicious meal of scrambled eggs and chicken strips.
"Dude we have got to get back to the dorm! I got the Denny's my friend and it's a Grand Slam."
by Reinhold the Rowdy Redneck March 16, 2010
To defecate in a public place.
Hey man, I think that bum is dropping a Dennys on the side of your house.
by lubbmarvin October 07, 2010
A 24 hour diner, that gives jobs to slutty girls. And hires retards to manage the place. You'll always find a creppy guy working night shift, or a lady missing some teeth and talks to her self. but the do have an amazing hot fudge brownie...
I love eating to denny's.
by Anilorac August 04, 2007
The Denny's. The home of The Brownie. The only place to purchase the finest quality dessert ever.
Newbie: This whole "Brownie" thing is dumb, I can't finish it.

Broom: Thats it. Just leave the table. Now.

by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
a slang word for marijuana used so as not to attract attention from authority figures.
Hey man lets go to dennys after the dance.
by Ellimem December 27, 2006