1.The summary of the movie Vantage Point
2.To laugh in the face of death.
Person 1: Hey how was the movie Vantage Point?
Person 2: It was DENNIS QUAID!
by TNSLPPTSO March 27, 2008
Top Definition
An event where a man in his 50s purposely leaves an additional button on his shirt undone to impress younger women in their 40s.
45 year-old man: Hey man. Just so you know, there will be plenty of single women at this Napa Valley horseback wine tour, but I think they all are at least ten years younger than you. Think you can swing that?

58 year-old man: Don't worry about me. Just let me pop this button right here . . . And there you have it, the perfect Dennis Quaid.

43 year-old woman: (passing by) Looking sharp pilgrim. Let's ditch this wine tasting and watch "Something To Talk About."
by mintek September 11, 2012
To be totally defeated, accepting you've failed, uninterested or slumped and void in body manner. See The Biography Channel and watch the Dennis Quaid biography for a visual description.
I was Dennis Quaid defeated after i realised i'd slept in and missed the bus.
by Anthony Corbett December 01, 2006
An actor no one under the age of 15 will know because he is not in asinine movies like "you got served"
dennis quaid is my hero
by batmanisgod June 11, 2005
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