Denni - a horny female, that is often out of control, Denni likes playing consol games and is usualy a social outcast.
She's such a Denni
by Thor2142 February 20, 2011
A person who puts porn on their Zune, and brings it to school thinking nobodys going to see it when everybody does.
Ay look, theres a Dennis! Lets see some pussy!
by your cool friend April 19, 2008
A breed of person closely related to a rabbit capable of destroying cities with his whiskers and breaking chairs.
Although formerly asian, this dude looks completely american.

Relentless of everything else, he's and amazingly hardcore person and is commenly known as "Ploka-Dot"
"That guy is breaking chairs!? It must be dennis."
by potazzium August 25, 2008
the act of doing something retarded or outright ignorant
Robin just pulled a dennis, he knocked over six priceless glass vases, man he's stupid!!!
by YEAH BABY BABY BABY August 13, 2008
a guy who steals pictures of dogs and jizzes on them
whats that guy doing with those pictures dude hes a dennis
by cory lahey December 13, 2007

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