A really cool dude who I'm lucky to know. I wish he could teach me how to be so cool.
Guy 1: Man, who is that dude? He is so awesome!
Guy 2: Yeah, that's Dennis... I wish I was as cool as him!
by BeachBunny234 March 14, 2011
Perverted. Large smile dedicated exclusively to dirty thoughts- ALL THE TIME. Engages in suspicious activities with large African American men. Do not approach, dangerous.
Guy 1: Who is that guy over there? He seems to be having fun

Guy 2: WATCH OUT THATS DENNIS! Hes disgusting!

Guy 1: Who's that guy with him?

Guy 2: Oh its his man...dont bother hes taken.
by PLOIKMUH May 21, 2011
a faggot ass retard that goes all the way.... with guys that he tries to pull off as chicks........ he masturbates 10 times a day to Ashton Kutcher.... we r tlking about the kid who is just plain down right GAY!!!!!!!!
dennis m. jonas
by aafan24-7 October 08, 2011
the absoulute HOTTEST boy you could ever possibly see. usually gets ALL the girls to fall head over heels for him. very sporty and talkative, likes to make jokes ALOT! trust me I KNOW! blonde hair, green/blue eyes, short, but still HAWT! hes a total bad boy and cant be serious to save his life. hes a real tease and will always have your back through thick and thin.
*guy walks to girl and leans against her locker* hey, babe
*girl blushes* hey dennis whats going on?
*guy stares at her eyes*

*girl blushes* what are you looking at?
Guy: oh sorry, its just your eyes are so beutiful i thought i was staring at the stars
by justbeinme November 13, 2012
An umpalumpa Usually called by the sexy chelseas. Is very nice and lucky to have in your life. A dennis is usually sporty. Also is a wild, crazy, fun, weird, handsome person. Can also be the sweetest guy when he really likes someone. The best Dennis's are Assyrian.
I dated a Dennis once and he was AMAZING! To bad it ended...
by dysfunctionalfam November 29, 2010
Me:you know dennis?
by blossnenggs May 14, 2010
Denni - a horny female, that is often out of control, Denni likes playing consol games and is usualy a social outcast.
She's such a Denni
by Thor2142 February 20, 2011

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