So funny and amazing. Always has something interesting to say. Likes to chill and have a good time. Is very sweet and will always be there for you.
Don't you just love a Dennis?

I wish I was more like Dennis.

Why can't you be a Dennis?
by Your Bestest Buddy! December 28, 2010
Probably the most amazing person you will ever meet. He's sweet, kind, funny, loving, and caring...and no matter what, he's always there for you during your hardest times. Whenever life seems impossible, he'll always be the one standing there telling you that everything's going to be okay. He's the type of guy who you can call in THE MIDDLE of the nite when you get scared when you have a bad dream, the guy who will hold you when you cry, and the guy who will do anything to keep you safe. He's the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and the most selfless person alive. Anyone would be lucky just to meet him and get to spend time with him. Den always knows how to cheer you up - a simple picture, funny message, text fuck up - idk he can always just find a way to make you laugh. He's been through a lot, though, and doesn't realize how amazing he is. He's a life saver. A giver. A listener. And a survivor. And he needs to remember that no matter how tough life gets, he will always have his music. The one thing that's been there for him, when people have not. It's a shame that we all can't be like him. He's inspirational and he changes lives. He just doesn't know it...I hope more than anything, though, that Dennis is forgiving.
You: heyyyy

Dennis: hey how was your day

You: not very good ):

DenDen: well, you can run away with me anytime you want

You: way to quote lyrics there >.<

by chemicalxdisaster63 August 19, 2011
Generous, understanding, smart, and very talented. He is as sharp and as quick-witted as Jim Carrey on speed, but he can also sometimes be brooding like Marlon Brando. He's a strange one, but he will leave you laughing anytime you see him. He has a cute self-consciousness about him that is very charming. He is so gifted that everything just comes to him naturally and effortlessly, but he genuinely thinks he sucks at everything when in fact he doesn't. Which is fine, because that makes him try ten times harder than anybody else at anything that he does. He is also very tough. Stories tell of him wrestling a pack of hungry coyotes that were messing with his cat. Don't ask what happened to those coyotes. He's just one of those few people that have a commanding presence about them, and you instantly recognize him when he steps into a room. Mere mortals tremble by his very presence, but he doesn't see you this way. He is never judgmental towards others, which is refreshing to see. He is very empathetic and always wants to relate to others. I think he's an artist, and a damn good one, but he cringes when hearing that word. He has great difficulty receiving compliments, of all things, and I cannot figure out why. Did I mention he's handsome? He looks like Johnny Depp. On a bad day. His wit, humor, handsomeness, and all around awesomeness, makes me think that he is the reincarnation of Cary Grant.
Dennis: Why are you so good to me?

You: Shall I climb up and tell you why?

Dennis: Lol.
by dont delete me April 18, 2013
The most amazing person in the whole entire world. Very easy to get along with. He makes you fall in love with him the first time you see him. He has huge muscles, crystal blue eyes, and a movie star smile. Dennis acts like a very tough guy, but he can do so because he is actually very tough. He lifts heavy weights and its so sexy. His good looks and skill can make you love him even more ;] All the girls flock to Dennis when he is out on the town or anywhere in general. His good looks and his charmingness can have you melt before your eyes. He is the most determined, hardworking, funniest, sweetest guy I know, and he can make you very happy in an instant. He's also the bestfriend you will ever have. People are so blessed and lucky to have a Dennis in their lives, and should never let him go..he's a keeper.
Girl 1: Wow..look at that guy over there benching..I'm gona go talk to him.

Girl 2: Wait, I talked to him yesterday. His name is Dennis. Hes so sweet.

Girl 1: *walks away in jealousy*
by Chritalia April 02, 2013
An extremely smart person who gets the job done better than anyone else. Name literally means "wild, crazy, strategic and smart". People never mess with this guy.
1. Hey man! What are you doing?

Tryin' to fix this damn lawn mower. I need to be a Dennis to figure this out.
by CC-1162 March 25, 2007
Hillbilly, white bread, chicken humpin cracker, suffering from 10 days of funky sack, hygiene is for shit, doesn't bathe and wears the same clothes for a week. Smells like a moldy jack rag. He's also fighting a loosing battle against beard dandruff, which during breakfast, can leave "snow" in my sweet sweet syrup. Chain smoking to the point that he reeks of fumunda cheese and ashes. A work out consists of eating a fun size bag of m&m's, and after only 2 he's in need of mouth to mouth, but is only worthy of ass to mouth.
That nasty mother fucka, needs to go home and engage in some pit and taint scrubbery, change them funky drawers, and pop a tic tac, just being near him makes my eyes water and burns my nose hair, smelling like a week of rotten back ass, what a dennis.
The invisible duck that follows people around spontaneously making quacks that miraculously sound like farts.
.....fart.... "Hey did you hear Dennis? Where is that little bugger?"
by idonteatenoughpies December 03, 2013
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