The most amazing person in the whole entire world. Very easy to get along with. He makes you fall in love with him the first time you see him. He has huge muscles, crystal blue eyes, and a movie star smile. Dennis acts like a very tough guy, but he can do so because he is actually very tough. He lifts heavy weights and its so sexy. His good looks and skill can make you love him even more ;] All the girls flock to Dennis when he is out on the town or anywhere in general. His good looks and his charmingness can have you melt before your eyes. He is the most determined, hardworking, funniest, sweetest guy I know, and he can make you very happy in an instant. He's also the bestfriend you will ever have. People are so blessed and lucky to have a Dennis in their lives, and should never let him go..he's a keeper.
Girl 1: Wow..look at that guy over there benching..I'm gona go talk to him.

Girl 2: Wait, I talked to him yesterday. His name is Dennis. Hes so sweet.

Girl 1: *walks away in jealousy*
by Chritalia April 02, 2013
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The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's always there for you when you need him and he's someone you can count on. He doesn't know how special of a guy he is. He's like a warm snuggly blanket on a cold winter's night. He's the sexiest, handsomest most gorgeous guy! Anyone who knows him is lucky to have him in their life, I know I am, I'm thankful for him everyday. He's stubborn sometimes, but everyone is. He's the perfect guy to have in your life. Any girl is lucky to be able to call him hers...I love you Dennis!
What an amazing guy, I love him! He's such a Dennis!
by RES The knowing November 14, 2008
Method of moving in on a girl so she'll fall for you so hard she'll never recover.
D- demonstrate value
E- engage physically
N- nurture independence
N- neglect emotionally
I- inspire hope
S- separate entirely

Do it right.
You Dennis-ed that girl so hard she's yours forever.
by cougrrr November 19, 2009
A fun-loving dude. Loves to collect things and display them for all his friends to see. Great family man will always come through for people he loves. Shy at first but once he gets started he doesn't stop! The sex is amazing!
That Dennis sure is a keeper!
I wish my husband were more like Jane's Dennis!
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
slang term for someone with a penis over 12 inches
that man says 'he has a dennis' but his wife says otherwise.
by truthguy December 01, 2009
1. n; the onomatopoeic sound effect of bouncing boobs.
2. v; the act of boobs (or the owner of said boobs) creating this sound by bouncing.
1. i could recognize that dennis a mile away
2. so jenna jameson comes dennising up to me, right?..
by pais October 06, 2006
one of the sweetest boys you could ever meet.someone who is perfect in every way.
i dont know how to describe how amazing he is..hes just so dennis
by babygirl94 July 04, 2009
So funny and amazing. Always has something interesting to say. Likes to chill and have a good time. Is very sweet and will always be there for you.
Don't you just love a Dennis?

I wish I was more like Dennis.

Why can't you be a Dennis?
by Your Bestest Buddy! December 28, 2010

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