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A man that suffers from bone growth deficiancies causing him to be of short stature. "Dennis Langevins" suffer from hairloss. And it seems that his hair might have taken his only sanity with them. He is so crazy infact that whenever his hair does grow back, he shaves it so that he can stay in a total state of insanity. A Dennis Langevin needs an outputs source for his extra crazyness, and therefore takes up position as orchestra director where he can entertain and freak out all that he must. Every once in a while there is a Brownscombe that comes along to tame this wild Langevin. Let it be said that she often succeeds, yet also adopts his crazyness. But when a Brownscombe leaves the Langevin is free to reek havoc amongst Hendrick Middle School. Let this be a warning to all.
by Simmicircle August 25, 2010

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