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Dennis Ferguson is a big ped from Australia. He kidnapped three kids in 1987, severly raped them and loved every minute of it. His long greasy hair and bald spot, big 80's-core glasses and him licking his wrinkly face doesn't really help him much now, does it? He's hounded out of every house he lives. He's a waste of fossil fuels cause every time he's released he manages to be employed as a janitor at a kindergarten, live two blocks from a pre-school, live with a 17 year old, and in 2005 he touched a kid at a train station after his 14 year sentence. Not to mention he literally confessed to a prison inmate "I only do under 11, 12 is they're stunners."
"Gee Dennis Ferguson, you're FUCKIN' HOT."

"Let's spend 1000 dollars a day on taxes towards keeping Dennis Ferguson on 24/7 security! The nation will be happy with that :)"
by blakepatrick91 August 13, 2008
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