1. A narcoleptic drinker, who is easy going almost all the time. He makes odd sounds when first getting up, a cross between a dinosaur and a kitten. He proceeds to make begin a task and pass out half way through it.

2. The third sex organ of an Alien species which only becomes functionable when thier victim sleeps through the first two.
Alien: Oh yeah...baaahhurrrop.
Man: "zzzzzzzzzzz"
Alien: Well I'll just have to use my Dennie on this one.
by Bajesuswhatwasthat October 12, 2010
Top Definition
1. A Dennie is a tall, handsome, well built patriotic sort of man. He enjoys guns rights, baby Jesus, science, apple pie, and impressing the opposite sex. Some call him debonair, others call him their hero (mostly horny women).

2. A perfectly sized penis, the kind Goldilocks likes.
Bitch A: Damn that man's fine. And classy!
Bitch B: Oh him? That's Dennie. He just delivered a baby downstairs.
Bitch A: What? A baby? Jesus I want his dick.
Bitch B: Sames.

Bitch A: Did you hear Shaniqua's dating Jack?
Bitch B: Forreal? Isn't his dick the size of the Hindenburg? I'd hate to take that in.
Bitch A: Nah, she said it's a Dennie -- just right.
by MaxFax August 26, 2011

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