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1. The language spoke by people from the country Denmark

2. Something that is chill
1. This isn't Denmark, you can't speak Denmarkian

2. This sandwich is denmarkian
by prokevinmusic February 20, 2008
19 133
Is an often misspelled person from the country Denmark.

The correct word is Dane. (Which apperently is some random awesome dude aswell.)
Dude 1: Hey, where you from?

Dude 2: Denmark.

Dude 1: Oh, so you're a Denmarkian?

Dude 2: No, I'm a Dane, fucknuts.
by Zhangar January 25, 2010
142 16
People from Denmark (Danes) speak Danish and are Danish, not Denmarkian. Get it right...

Also, Danes are NOT racist. Stop generalising.
#1: Are you Denmarkian
#2: No, I'm Danish
by Ollaaa November 07, 2011
102 13
Foerign kid who drinks a lot and play beerpong.

Typically from Europe, (Denmark)
If you are really drunk

Man, you are denmarkian!!
by Gordon February 01, 2005
47 117