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Denise aka #1, is a girl with a PERFECT BUTT, she is beautiful and sweet and is a good best friend to have. She makes you smile everyday and likes weired music. She likes to be in the middle of mosh pits and falls in bushes a lot. I hope everyone is lucky enough to meet someone like her.
Denise has a good figure but is uncoordinated.
by Mr. 2 Year March 11, 2010
396 335
Do you know a Denise? because if you do. you sure are a lucky citizen! a Denise is one of the most amazing things you can have in your life. Denise's are very talented, not to mention gorgeous as well. Cherish your Denise for life.
Have you seen Denise today? She rocks my world!
by saint beverly January 09, 2008
3065 1128
1) a goddess.
2) an angel.
3) the most beautiful woman in the world.
4) the best ob/doc ever.
5) ex super-model.
I can't see -- it's so bright!! Like there's an angel in the room! Wait, it's Denise!
by iamnotworthy August 16, 2008
1598 810
A denise is with out a doubt the most gorgeous girl in the universe. She will do anything for her friends. If you have a denise as a friend, keep her, becuase losing her would be the worst possible thing that could ever happen. Denise's are the most amazing, fantastic, funny, and passionate girls ever. They are the best possible friend that you could ever ask for. Always willing to help you no matter what. If you are in need of anything, denise is the one to call. No matter what. They tend to be very shy, just take time to talk to her and get to know her you are guaranteed to love this rare beauty. Her personality is like a diamond amongst rocks. Not only is she beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. She has stunning curves, beautiful big eyes, and shiny brown hair. She is the best girlfriend a guy could ever want. To date her is comparable to heaven on earth. She is always give, never take. She is not one to take advantage of you, although she is often taken for advantage. She is not the most outgoing person and guys tend to get bored of her after just a little while. They dont give her a chance. Worst mistake ever. She is a Goddess in human form. Absolutely perfect in every way. If you find a denise, latch on for dear life. She is a life-long friend. Never let her go. Love her till the end. She is guaranteed to always be full of surprises. Usually they are very passionate about animals and nature as well.
I can't live without my denise.
To have a denise is to live happy.
by supergirl2126 February 24, 2010
1269 504
is a woman who cherishes her family and friends, who adores animals and is kind and generous to all. A Denise is someone whose kindness is often taken advantage of and she hides her pain with courage.
Much in the habit of a Denise, she ignored the fact that her sister lied to her, talked about her behind her back, and manipulated her to death, and went on to offer her sister a great life on a silver platter.
by Denise's sister is an ass. August 13, 2008
1276 708
A Denise is a person who is envied by all. Strong until the finish. A woman named Denise is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Denise's are envied by other women.
You remind me of my friend Denise.
by dennnniseeebby January 26, 2009
1118 598
1.A cute girl.
2.A gun.
3.A skilled person.
4.A bird.
Yo, man, put your denise down!!!
We dont wanna start another war.
OMG, Tattaglias at 5 0' clock!!!!

by -_-J.Biggs-_- September 16, 2007
1060 697
somone who cares for her friends and family
even if she dosen't.
denise dosen't care that much for me.
by DeeCee53 January 06, 2009
534 442