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a sweet, sassy, gorgeous girl. she fights for what she beileves is right. strong independent lady. she likes to be noticed (attention hog)
oh, theres a girl with a really bright sweater, it must be a denecia
by hoppeless </3 November 04, 2011
Denecia a hot, sexy, attractive girl. She loves the men. She is a typical slut who will snatch anyone's man. She will strip him down and swallow. She likes to party and all the guys want her. Guys will do anything to have a Denecia. She not only loves sex but she loves to dance on a stripper pole. Despite her wildness she is a really nice, caring, loving girl. She's the bestfriend you could ever have and the best girlfriend you could ever have. If you happen to see a Denecia grab her as fast as you can because if you don't it will be to late.
There is my bestfriend. I really wish we were more than friends. Denecia is so amazing in all different ways.
by Favorite hottie October 13, 2014

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