My best buddy!
The friendliest female on the internet!
The person i'm gonna marry <3 =P
*Deneanerz huggles RohanRNS
by Rohan Sheth - RohanRNS October 27, 2004
A super factral shmoor in the slarbendomussenstache
You are suck a Deneanerz
by Shane October 08, 2004
biggest ho evar.

Ho tastic. ho ness.
"I wanna be just like Deneanerz!" "Shut up Billy! Don't say that around your father!"
by Snak3. Rape yuo! October 02, 2004
1. Miss fancy pants coolio
2. Totally random and individual
3. Loves pickles :P
"Omg Denean is SOOOO cool"
"Get off the printer!!"
"How big are your pickles?"
by stef September 26, 2004

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