A term usually used by a guy to describe the potency of his semen.
"I think she wants a taste of my demon semen."
by Stud April 11, 2005
Top Definition
Semen that comes out of a murderer's or bad person's penis. The semen has the ability to eat through anything that it comes in contact with.

Warning: May lead to the birth of a demon child.
Becca, you got fucked by a murderer and have demon semen all up in yo snatch.
by bookshelf September 22, 2009
A combination of a 44 oz. slushy from Speedway and a Monster or any energy drink. This mixture will not get you "high" but you will get a nice buzz from it. Invented on a summer day by two bored 16 year old dudes from Cleveland's west side.
Dude wanna make some demon semen and get our buzz on? Fuck yeah bro!!!
by ctowntom June 11, 2012
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