An American citizen who actually cares about other people. Likes to actually use logic to solve problems, other than the common Republican slogan, "If they don't agree.. Bomb 'em!" Often called "Communist", "Nazi", or "terrorist sympathizer" by Republicans for actually giving a damn about this nation's people.
Republican: Let's brainwash all of the United States' citizens into believing that we do the work of God and that Democrats are really just a satanic cult trying to take over the US Government!
by I_Am_Anonymous September 11, 2006
someone who realizes that more money is being spent on an unjustified war than on problems ailing America. A Democrat realizes that the world is finite and that new energy alternatives are needed for the prosperity of humanity.Are usually portrayed as pot smoking trust fund babies while the majority of tax policies benefiting the rich are supported by Republicans. Are very snobby and truely lack tenacity. Democrats also are too self-absorbed to unite as a party
Russ Feingold and Jon Stewert are Democrats. I guess anyone that smokes pot instead of snorting cocaine.
by Jaredryan July 22, 2006
- A person who does not believe in the death penalty for convicted murderers but believes a woman is free to murder her unborn baby if she feels the baby will alter her lifestyle.

- One who is chooses to ignore scientific facts (i.e. evidence for creation and life beginning at conception) in favor of more comfortable and convenient lifestyles.

- Socialists who wish to require the rich to support the bad habits of the poor require nothing of said poor in exchange.

- Union activists who believe businesses are evil and should not be allowed to earn a profit.

- Social Engineers who believe the voice of the 3 percent of America who are gay trump the votes and voices of the 80 percent of America who don't want gay marriage.

- Athiests who believe the first amendment bans all religion expression in America except those expressions made by muslims.

- Moral relativists who believe "rule of law" can be ignored by non-citizens

- Shallow suckers who would vote for a president with no history of responsibility, achievement, or conviction.
Democrats: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry
by diplopundit May 22, 2011
Democrats fall into 3 categories.
1. A Politician that promises the poor that if they vote them into office, all their troubles will be resolved by the government.
2. A person that has no real moral values and believes that:

Killing Babies is fine in order to reduce the world population and promote primary teenager permiscuity.
The RICH should pay more taxes, no matter how much they are already contributing in taxes, jobs, charities, etc..
The middle class is everone that actually work for a living and make more money than those on the government dole.
Hugging a tree is more important than anyones life.
All wars are Bad and all bad people (dictators or radical groups) can be pacified and will live in peace with us, if we can just talk to them.

3. The current Republicans in Washington who now believe and are pushing the Old Democratic ways (1970's).
Most (but not all) Union workers.
Old people that still believe that the Democratic party of old still exists and is living in today's Democratic party.
Young people who are easy to manipulate and do not think on their own.

Today's Washington REPUBLICANS!
by The NEW INDEPENDENT October 28, 2009
Socialist. see Republican
I wanted the government to take my freedoms from me, so I voted Democrat/Republican!
by DWood January 23, 2006
1. A political party for people whose ideas are spoonfed to them by The Washington Post and CNN rather than Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

2. One of two political parties in The United States of America whose leaders strive for control and power over all citizens. See Republican for the other political party whose leaders strive for control and power over all citizens.

3. One of two political parties (see Republican) in The United States of America whose members believe that their collective ideas are 100% correct and all citizens who do not agree are complete, uneducated morons. Conversely, Republicans believe to be 100% correct and that non-believers are unpatriotic satanists. Both parties' members ironically view themselves as compassionate, free-thinking and mainstream.

4. Liberal (derogatory)

5. Hippie (derogatory)
1. As a democrat, I have to see what CNN says about Iraq so I know what my steadfast convictions are.

2. Vote democratic so we citizens will have fewer laws and more freedoms.

3. As a free-thinker and a democrat, I say you are an idiot because you don't agree with me. And I know I'm right because I got my beliefs from CNN and you got yours from Fox!

4. Get away from me you liberal!

5. Get a job you long-haired hippie!
by Geo. Washington May 16, 2005
Party for ignorant, college-age intellectual wannabes. Live life in perpetual outrage, make outrageous claims about social injustices and are religious about environmental issues (will keep the faith even when the facts don't support the issue--read "Ethanol" fuel additives; global warming science, tax increases on high-income earners; also believe Republicans are statistically less educated than Democrats). Think all opposition to Liberal policies is motivated by sexist, racist, bigoted homophobia (which is abject bigotry). Assume the poor and minorities are unable to fend for themselves so they steal from high-income earners (in the form of taxation, which high-income earners subvert via tax loopholes so the revenues end up getting redirected to middle-class income earners) and redistribute it to the poor, who become socialized to depend on it. Often whine about FOX News, when Liberals control virtually all media (print, television, Hollywood, the Arts). Are dogmatic in their intolerance of opposing viewpoints and will label dissenters as sexist/racist/bigoted/homophobic so as to avoid real debate. Older Democrats are the most pathetic as they are well aware of all the above but still vote Democrat anyway just to protest.
Democrat: Can you believe Republicans signed the Patriot Act?

Republican: You mean the Patriot Act that president Obama renewed last month?

Democrat: You're a racist!
by leo_s June 01, 2011

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