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Democrats fall into 3 categories.
1. A Politician that promises the poor that if they vote them into office, all their troubles will be resolved by the government.
2. A person that has no real moral values and believes that:

Killing Babies is fine in order to reduce the world population and promote primary teenager permiscuity.
The RICH should pay more taxes, no matter how much they are already contributing in taxes, jobs, charities, etc..
The middle class is everone that actually work for a living and make more money than those on the government dole.
Hugging a tree is more important than anyones life.
All wars are Bad and all bad people (dictators or radical groups) can be pacified and will live in peace with us, if we can just talk to them.

3. The current Republicans in Washington who now believe and are pushing the Old Democratic ways (1970's).
Most (but not all) Union workers.
Old people that still believe that the Democratic party of old still exists and is living in today's Democratic party.
Young people who are easy to manipulate and do not think on their own.

Today's Washington REPUBLICANS!
by The NEW INDEPENDENT October 28, 2009
A liberal degenerate who supports cold-blooded murder, and supports killing embryos for science. The first one to protest the right to life, and the first one to protest punishing rapists, murderers and dangerous criminals. Someone who espouses personal freedom, and then restricts freedoms of speech by judicial activism. Someone threatened by deficits, but unfazed by unbalanced budget and massive spending. Someone who is a socialist and anti-competition. Someone who wants to create a nanny state, after taxing everyone to death. Someone who hates religion and tradition.
We can all hope that the standard of education in America improves to the point where a Democrat can no longer be voted into office.
by The Average American August 13, 2009
A Democrat is usually a liberal thinker who believes in progressive action.

Democrats realize that you cannot go back to the 1950s because the world has undergone change that cannot be rolled back. We have a larger population and we live at a faster pace due to technological advances. Liberal means keeping an open mind and being ready to adapt to change. In a changing world this is crucial to survival. Progressive action is adaptive action based on where we are today and where we can expect to be tomorrow.

Small government sounds good, but as populations increase, government is needed to maintain a balance between liberty and justice for all members of society. Government must be just large enough and strong enough to be up to the task of maintaining order while keeping the values and freedoms we have traditionally exhibited as a nation.

Where many Republicans want to turn the clock back to a time when things were simplier, more cut and dried, Democrats do not believe this is possible. Our world is more complex than ever and change is happening at a near exponential rate.

Democrats believe in strong national securityand are staunchly patriotic. A Democrat believes it is necessary to defend America from both external evil and internal corruption. Keeping America on the straight and narrow is an important part of keeping America safe. Democrats understand and accept the responsibility of keeping our country as honorable as it is strong.

Democrats are maligned as tax-and-spend liberals because Democrats voted for tax breaks for low income people, credits for child care and founded many of the social and educational programs we have today. Horror stories of welfare abuse are used to make people think that social programs are bad. But seriously, abuses are going to happen in any system or program because there are always going to be criminals who lie, cheat and steal. This happens at all levels of society, not just among welfare moms. Look at those Enron millionairs who cheated thousands of hard-working people out of their pensions.

Democrats, contrary to popular belief, balance budgets and believe in fair tax structures that do not squeeze the middle class out of existence.

Democrats believe in science and listen to experts. Democrats believe that religion and science can co-exist. Many Democrats are religious people who believe that cherishing and protecting the earth that God created is a sacred charge.

Democrats love America and they love our world. Democrats are fighting and dying in Iraq and Democrats are fighting at home to end the war. Democrats believe war is sometimes necessary but that the Iraq War and current occupation have made us less safe and have strained our proud military to the breaking point. Most military experts agree.

If you want to know what a Democrat really believes, read the platform of the Democratic Party. Watch C-Span and see who is actually voting for what. It is very eye-opening to see Democrats propose legislation that will aid military families and veterans and then watch nearly every Republican Congressman and Senator vote against it.

Watch and listen and learn. Don't close your mind and start believing the hype you hear from the hate-mongers. Learn about Democrats and about democracy.

Above all, Democrats want people to be free to disagree and to hash out their differences. Democrats want people to learn and discuss and come together in the best interests of all concerned. People working things out together is what democracy is all about.
He's studied both sides of the issues that our country is facing and has decided to register as a Democrat because he feels that the Democratic Party best represents the interests ouf America.

I am a proud Democrat.
by Doctor Watson June 08, 2007
Rich pieces of shit that wanna give out all of their fuckking money to the fuckers who dont have a job cause they would rather smoke pot. Democrats are also dipshits that wanna sit on thier couch and hope to get more money from their fellow working citizens. These hippe, terrorist-hugging stupid morons are always complaining of how hard working Republicans suck. Then why not impeach them, pussies. Stop complaining and get your fat, man-humping asses in Congress to do something.
Democrats suck cock!
by Republican May 12, 2007
An American citizen who actually cares about other people. Likes to actually use logic to solve problems, other than the common Republican slogan, "If they don't agree.. Bomb 'em!" Often called "Communist", "Nazi", or "terrorist sympathizer" by Republicans for actually giving a damn about this nation's people.
Republican: Let's brainwash all of the United States' citizens into believing that we do the work of God and that Democrats are really just a satanic cult trying to take over the US Government!
by I_Am_Anonymous September 11, 2006
someone who realizes that more money is being spent on an unjustified war than on problems ailing America. A Democrat realizes that the world is finite and that new energy alternatives are needed for the prosperity of humanity.Are usually portrayed as pot smoking trust fund babies while the majority of tax policies benefiting the rich are supported by Republicans. Are very snobby and truely lack tenacity. Democrats also are too self-absorbed to unite as a party
Russ Feingold and Jon Stewert are Democrats. I guess anyone that smokes pot instead of snorting cocaine.
by Jaredryan July 22, 2006
Socialist. see Republican
I wanted the government to take my freedoms from me, so I voted Democrat/Republican!
by DWood January 23, 2006