A political party that is mostly made up homosexuals and people with no common sense.
If I was a democrat, I would probably kill myself.
by That Guy03 October 18, 2007
As you can see, our president is a Democrat. And as you can see, our country is going deeper and deeper, into the shitter. Thanks Barrock!
Democrat: I honestly dont see how abortion is bad.
Republican: Killing babies isnt bad to you?
Democrat: No, were using the STEM cells
Republican: Its still killing babies
Democrat: But its for a good cause!
Republican: ..... Are you high?
by xSWAGxNO FAG19 March 19, 2011
An individual who believes that a minority with a high school diploma deserves a job over a white person with a bachelor's degree, that the rich should give away all of their money so that the middle and lower classes will no longer have to work, that doctors and pharmacists should go through 8+ years of school to do volunteer work, that being offensive to someone is worse than murder, and that America is the worst nation in the world because of all those goddamn Republicans that hijacked the government and ran it straight into the ground in an attempt to fight off the atheist commie terrorists poisoning the minds of children with their twisted propaganda. Also, dicks.
Actually, it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, just don't be like the stereotypical ones.

I'm fucking serious.
by TotallyNotRushLimbaugh December 12, 2010
An asshole. Since the symbol for a Democrate is a donkey and donkeys are called asses.
The man was a reall democrat last night.
by Diredevil October 06, 2010
idiot totalitarians that like to increase taxes while saying they will do great things with them but somehow we just wind up in more debt.
Obama's retarded heath care plan is typical of a Democrat
by The boss hoss #14 September 28, 2010
Robots programmed to tax the rich, legalize abortion and gay marriage, and give out free healthcare. They are programmed to believe that there are no other problems in America worth fixing other than this.

For some reason, when you work your butt off your whole life, you need to also pay significantly higher taxes. Democrats also think that welfare should be able to pay for all your expenses so that you don't need to try finding a job. For example: Kool-Aid, internet, cable, and abortions.

These fascinating creatures also care very much about the enviroment, and will buy hybrids and only use Energy Star products. They think they could plug the oil spill in the Gulf faster than BP.

By far, the most important feature Democrats have, is their amazing ability to blame Republicans for everything and give little to no reasons to back up their accusations. Their most recent success was winning a presidential campaign almost entirely off blaming other people. On another note, did you know that the recession actually WASN'T George Bush's fault?

I also look forward to soon having the lowest-rated definition for this word becuase most people on this website fall under this category. :D
Democrat: GO OBAMA!
Me: Why?
Democrat: Because he's going to tax those rich idiots who live for free.
Me: You're right. After working 10 hour days five times a week for 30 years and building up my career so I could pay for four kids to go to college, I really should pay my fair share of YOUR welfare checks. By the way how's your job at McDonald's been going?
by Obama WILL fail June 23, 2010
Someone who thinks that the commerce clause, actually means the "Unlimited power to the federal government clause"

Believes that

"To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes" Actually means that the federal government has the right to regulate everything that even comes close to maybe effecting another state economically no matter how remote. Believes that because they have the right to regulate trade BETWEEN states means that they have the right to regulate roads built in States, regulate what you grow in your farms even if its just for private use, and that the clause gives them power to force you to buy insurance because... apparently being alive is participating in interstate commerce.
Democrat:You know have to buy insurance average Joe, whether you want or can afford.
Joe:Wait But im just trying to make my house payments, how am i supposed to afford that, and...wait what in the constitution gives you the right to force me to buy insurance.

Democrat: The commerce clause.
Joe:Wait what? Im not trading things between states, I'm simply living here in California, I haven't ever sold anything in any other state, heck I dont even own a business, how am i affecting interstate commerce.
Democrat: Your alive, that means that your effecting the United States economy and we have a right to control everything you do thanks to the Unlimited power...I mean commerce clause.
Democrat:Make sense.
Joe: Theres no way you really believe that.
Democrat:If it gets us by in the Supreme court, I dont give a crap.
by ThomasJefferson10154 April 04, 2010

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