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One of the two major political parties in the United States. Democrats believe in equal rights, and aren't stupid homophobes that believe gays should not be allowed to marry because of what a book says. They have also set up many programs like medicare, welfare, etc. that help the lower-class citizens, which make up most of the country.

They also believe in women's rights, such as abortion. They also believe that if there is something that needs to be done, it is up to them to do it, and not the almighty God.

They care about the people of their country, and have a heart and help the less fortunate.
"He's more worried about unborn things that are probably a mistake and would cause the unfortunate victim nine months of pain and misery and homosexuals, who are apparently evil, getting married? A Republican.

He's more worried about equal rights of everyone in the country, the freedom of our people, and helping the poor and middle-class citizens instead of the filthy rich that make up only a small percentage of our population? A Democrat."
by doesitreallymatter? May 25, 2005
A person who believes in Civil Liberties of an individual. A person who wants to ensure everyone in this country has a voice and is not thrown aside for any reason in the name of greed or corruption. Sadly, the party has been taken over by moronic "Liberal" scumbags who believe that the country must be paid for by hard working people because lazy good for nothing leeches choose not to work or contribute anything to society. If these people knew what a liberal was they would run away screaming, since a liberal doesn't want a big government to rule every aspect of their lives.
I'm a democrat who believes in capitalism and a small government, but wants my tax money to fund public interests.
by Lurchinston December 24, 2012
Someone who believes that hard working taxpayers should give their money to lazy ass cocksuckers who have 20 kids and refuse to work, that killing criminals is wrong, while killing unborn babies is completely acceptable, that utter bullshit like Global Warming is real, that owning a gun to protect your ass against dangerous sonsofbitches should be illegal, that Mexicans should be allowed to come into our country illegally and sit on their asses having babies and living on welfare and getting the same opportunities as hard working citizens, bash Fox News for being too conservative despite the fact that practically every other news station besides Fox is liberal, and that basically you should have to pay higher taxes to pay for other people's shit.

They also seem to write 90% of the definitions on this website. Search "Republican" and you'll see what I mean.
Democrat: Mexicans should be able to come here and be treated just like everyone else. After all, this IS a country of immigrants!

Republicans: Yeah, when my ancestors came here, they had to work their asses off, not live on free money and sit on their ass all day long with 20 kids running around.
by The Outlaw Torn June 01, 2010
1.someone who spams urban dictionary slandering other political parties and makes sure to add a definition to the democrat page to make themselves feel better about being mentally retarded
2.someone who hates republicans but joins the other dark side instead of being in a third party.
3. someone intolerant that stereotypes and calls other political parties ignorant.
4.Obama democrat-see socialist queef
man 1-isn't the new president great?
man1-What!? how do you not like him? he solved American poverty, ended the economic crisis, and made us the top country in the world.
man2-im a democrat.
1. Someone who believes that minorities cannot possibly be a success in life without the government helping them every step of the way.

2. Someone who thinks that it is a constitutional right to stick a knife in an unborn child's head, suck its brains out and throw it in a bin, but will assault anyone who shows a picture of the constitutional right being practiced.

3. Someone who thinks that Barack Obama is magical and can do no wrong.

4. Someone who constantly says that George W. Bush was wrong on everything even when Democrats made the same call.

5. Someone who makes political decisions based on the popular thing to do and not by actually thinking about the issue.
Person A: "Hey, want to sign an petition to ban women's suffrage?"

Democrat: "I sure do!"
by Anonymous225 May 03, 2010
A radical left-wing nut job who believes that anything George Bush did was wrong.

An athiest who wants every kid in America to grow up without relying on God so they remove Him from all public institutions (even though 80% of America believes in God).

A pro-abortion baby killer who would see a newborn baby diced up into little pieces just so that an 80 year old woman with cancer can receive stem cell medical aid.

The kind of person who manipulates every word you say to make you sound dumb. They put words in your mouth and when they think they are going to lose an argument they generally bring up George Bush for doing something either 100 years before his presidency or 1 year after it.

Against guns and weapons and wars and confrontations of any kind, even when used for self-defense. They don't want us to get into wars with people when they bomb huge symbols of American capitalism and idealism.

They support gay marriage, even though it clearly says in not only the Bible, but also the Torah, the Quran, and the U.S. code of laws that marriage is a union between a MAN and a WOMAN.

Are voted for by minorities because the minorities don't realize that it was the Republican party that fought for their rights as individuals in the 1860's, and that it's still Republicans who are fighting for their individual liberties now.

Express interest in other forms of energy, but never support any plan that expresses interest in other forms of energy.
"That damn democrat is going to keep passing his outrageous legislature until the whole damn country looks and acts exactly the same, kind of like communism, but the democrats would have you call it equality...even though anyone who is a part of their huge socialist regime is in no way on equal footing with everybody else."

"Well son, it's okay if you break all my rules, as long as you're not a democrat."
by repub-conserv January 21, 2010
Someone who claims to be open minded but really just follows the crowd and does not know about the real issues.
If they are white they only voted for Obama because they thought it would make them feel better. They are now realizing it didn't.
Person 1: All my friends are Democrats so I thought it would be fun! Are you a Democrat too?

Person 2: No I'm a Libertarian.

Person 1: What's Libertarian?

Person 2: It's a 3rd party.

Person 1: What's a 3rd party?

Person 2: Exactly.
by LibbyChick January 06, 2010