Imbecile plain and simple
Bill clinton is a democrat, and an imbecile
by Nico Demalig October 03, 2008
A person who believes in Civil Liberties of an individual. A person who wants to ensure everyone in this country has a voice and is not thrown aside for any reason in the name of greed or corruption. Sadly, the party has been taken over by moronic "Liberal" scumbags who believe that the country must be paid for by hard working people because lazy good for nothing leeches choose not to work or contribute anything to society. If these people knew what a liberal was they would run away screaming, since a liberal doesn't want a big government to rule every aspect of their lives.
I'm a democrat who believes in capitalism and a small government, but wants my tax money to fund public interests.
by Lurchinston December 24, 2012
As you can see, our president is a Democrat. And as you can see, our country is going deeper and deeper, into the shitter. Thanks Barrock!
Democrat: I honestly dont see how abortion is bad.
Republican: Killing babies isnt bad to you?
Democrat: No, were using the STEM cells
Republican: Its still killing babies
Democrat: But its for a good cause!
Republican: ..... Are you high?
by xSWAGxNO FAG19 March 19, 2011
people who still blame Bush even though he hasn't been in office for over a year and a half, because they're too egotistical to admit that they made a boo boo electing Obama.
Democrats: if you're a republican, you're a racist.

Republicans: if you're a democrat, that means your mother's a whore.
by kthanksbai November 02, 2010
(See also: Liberal, Jackass) A leftwing member of the U.S. Government who believes in killing babies, supporting gay sex, surrendering to every damn country america goes to war with, and spending every last dime you have on shit you do NOT need. (Just like your D-bag friend who refuses to pay you back the money he borrowed from you.) They have a sevret underground lair in the uninhabited wastelands of wyoming where they are trying to revive stalin and overthrow the US government with a super communist robot army.
Person A: Hey did you vote for Obama in the '08 election?
Person B: No, I voted for McCain because i am NOT a faggot-ass Democrat.
Person A: . . .
by anonymous187373 April 23, 2011
the lesser of two evils.
all politicians are cocksucking snakes-in-the-grass, but the democrats are certainly preferable to the neocons.
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
A political party that is mostly made up homosexuals and people with no common sense.
If I was a democrat, I would probably kill myself.
by That Guy03 October 18, 2007

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