Somebody who supports the death of innocent babies through abortion, but would never inflict capital punishment upon a murderer. Somebody who would tax the hardworking citizens who earn there money and give it away to those who would rather sit around and contribute nothing to society through welfare. Somebody who supports government healthcare, which would literally allow the government to decide who get's treatment and who doesn't; who is worth treating and who isn't. Somebody who believes in "Global warming", wups now they call it "Climate Change" because they realized it can be hot OR cold, except that, that's just the way the world works... it's not supposed to stay the exact same all the time and it never has stayed the same, ever. Yet millions of dollars are spent studying "Climate change" rather then going to the places which really need it most.Somebody who would claim that anybody who doesn't agree with them is an unintellectual idiot.

Somebody who (despite the massive debt which the country is in) would continue to borrow money from other countries and spend it on things which don't help our county get out of debt.
Obviously this isn't neutral but none of the republican one's are.

Don't listen to a fucking party, be independent and hear both sides equally, then make a decision on which is in your better interests. Both democrats and republicans paint their "ideas" and views up to look like something they are not. Do not be a zombie, do your own research
by smdpolitics January 23, 2012
a total moron, a person who just can't get it right; someone who is lame and not fun. ALSO: a swindler or hornswaggler; a carpetbagger
"Look at this guy he's driving like a total DEMOCRAT!"

"Ya I was trying to watch a move but some DEMOCRAT wouldn't get off his phone."

"Hey man, nice skinny jeans, you look like a complete DEMOCRAT."

"So you don't eat meat? What are you, some kind of DEMOCRAT?"
by LogJamminCarl January 21, 2012
(See also: Liberal, Jackass) A leftwing member of the U.S. Government who believes in killing babies, supporting gay sex, surrendering to every damn country america goes to war with, and spending every last dime you have on shit you do NOT need. (Just like your D-bag friend who refuses to pay you back the money he borrowed from you.) They have a sevret underground lair in the uninhabited wastelands of wyoming where they are trying to revive stalin and overthrow the US government with a super communist robot army.
Person A: Hey did you vote for Obama in the '08 election?
Person B: No, I voted for McCain because i am NOT a faggot-ass Democrat.
Person A: . . .
by anonymous187373 April 23, 2011
the lesser of two evils.
all politicians are cocksucking snakes-in-the-grass, but the democrats are certainly preferable to the neocons.
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
Ignorant, un-educated, unrealistic, and emotional subjectivists with common self-interests and wants. Usually possess the skill laziness, whining, self-pity, and are reactive.
My aunt, most of my teachers, the current presidential administration, socialists, Europeans, etc., a lot of democrap... I mean democrats.
by Abraham Washington May 10, 2010
A person who does not have a brain, whom feels everyone should give their money to others who don't want to work. Also feel that America should be a bunch of unarmed peasants, by taking all guns away.

Democrats typically do not care for others thoughts, and usually dismiss conservative thoughts out of hand
Timmy said, "Daddy whats a DEMOCRAT?"

Dad replied, "Timmy, a DEMOCRAT is someone who cannot think, but merely repeats regurgitated material. Don't talk to DEMOCRATS."
by CONSERVATIVERIDER22223 April 13, 2009
Liberals who believe in killing innocent babies and putting them in a refrigerator to test on. And who believe the government should pay for college and basically everything else and might I add ,which the government would give us all crap because they wouldnt be able to afford nice working material for all of us.And believe in gay marriage which is totally against the bible (but there should be gay rights just not gay marriage.) And think doctors shouldn't get payed very well when they SAVE LIVES!
Omg look at that loberal he's such a democrat! They're gonna ruin America w/ tht damn Hilary Clinton!
by Saaaarrrraaahhhhhhhh January 24, 2008

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