1.someone who spams urban dictionary slandering other political parties and makes sure to add a definition to the democrat page to make themselves feel better about being mentally retarded
2.someone who hates republicans but joins the other dark side instead of being in a third party.
3. someone intolerant that stereotypes and calls other political parties ignorant.
4.Obama democrat-see socialist queef
man 1-isn't the new president great?
man1-What!? how do you not like him? he solved American poverty, ended the economic crisis, and made us the top country in the world.
man2-im a democrat.
A person who has compassion for all.
A person who stands tall in his/her convictions but listens to the ideas and beliefs of others.
A person who is accepting of his/her gay neighbors.
A person who recognizes that it is a woman's right to decide what she does with her uterus.
A person who strives for diversity and equality in the workforce.
A person who respects the religions of others.
A person who respects women as well as men.
A person who respects people of color as well as white people.
A person who opposes the death penalty because it is often faulty, because targets mainly minorities, and becauae utilizing it causes us to sink to the level of the criminal.
A person who believes that healthcare should be accessible for all.
A person who helps others.
She just donated a month's worth of her income to that worthy charity. She's a democrat!
by I Detest The Donald June 25, 2016
A horrible party that causes 99% of the US's problems. A person who believes that things should be handed to them and not worked for. A person who believes that protecting our selfs with lethal force is tyranny. A person that believes kill unprotected fetus is ok. A person that thinks that people that try to take down America (Terrorist) should be torchered and put in jail, because that is "not nice". A person that think the people that are ritch and worked for it should give it to scums on the side of the street that have done nothing with their life's. People that support the Muslim, communist Obama and think he is the best president ever. They are the scums that think that using lethal force against people trying to kill you (Missouri) is unfair and should be frowned apon.
Democrats don't believe in working hard.
by The Truth Must be spoken May 15, 2015
A party that believes in good programs such as social welfare and universal healthcare, but lacks the balls to put it forward.
Democrat: Lets help the poor!
Republican: No
Democrat: Ok! Please don't hurt me!
by Solaron December 31, 2009
1. a bitch
2. Some one that confuses a book driven education for the education of real life.
Why work hard for a living, a Democrat will let me sit at home, smoke pot, and get the hard working conservative Americans to pay my way through life!
by nccountry July 28, 2009
Similar to a Republican except for one less syllable. Shown extraordinarily inexplicable loyalty by a majority of the black voting population.
The Federal Budget under George W. Bush has grown so much you would think he was a Democrat.
by Jasonomics February 29, 2008
One who becomes aware of all political problems in the US when a Republican is president.
I can't believe what's been happening in America since that Republican was elected. Destruction of civil liberties, supporting the banks, endless war? Not with a Democrat in the White House!
by ActualDefinitions July 03, 2010
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