A large bunch of anti-white/American asswipes who do not serve in the military. The Average Characteristics of the Democrat include: Selling United States Military secrets to every single facist/communist country out there, Staying home and not joining the military while Republicans and Conservatives do all the fighting for them, cannot choose between 2 sides of a political spectrum and has to stay to the left, and would vote a complete idiot who has no experience or IQ into the Presidential Office just because his skin color is dark.
Conservative-"Oh wow, I can't believe that Obama has been elected, hopefully he will turn out to be a centrist"

by poiarjgiurgn January 12, 2009
Someone who can take a bad Republican idea and make it worse.
Republican: Let's suspend the Bill of Rights.
Democrat: Great idea! Then, let's mandate everyone to eat their own feces to reduce their individual carbon footprints.
by Cunningest Linguist July 19, 2008
Hippie faggot thats thinks they're more intelligent than the rest of the people.
Dipshit1: Dude! I'm so pissed democrat John Kerry didn't win this presedential election.
Dipshit2: Yes. Why can't we conserve human rights.
by DontHate May 15, 2007
One of the two major political parties in the U.S. run by rich lobbyists known for radical spending, special interest and high taxes.

see: Republican
The Democrat party represents its own self interest.
by krock1dk January 31, 2008
A political party bent on tearing away the morals of the nation.And overly liberal views "Tansgender","Gay Marriage " ," Abortion "upset the silent majority.
Democrats have wrecked the values of our nation.
by UrbanSlang12321 May 16, 2016
An undercover Communist
Democrats=All the liberal cocksucks trying to make America Communist
by Gthang45 May 18, 2009
Democrats are a political party who enjoy doing exactly what their opponents, the Republicans, don't want, even if it is not a smart idea. For example, they enjoy being nice to terrorists. They also like to point out anything even minorly racist any Republican ever says. Democrats also find delight in raising people's taxes, for no reason at all. Also, the democrats are known to blame Bush for everything bad that happens in their lives.

* This is a list of traits of the typical democrats. However, there are many exceptions to this. there are many good people in the world who happen to be democrats. I know several, and they are great company. This article applies to people who are famous FOR being democrats (ex. Al Gore, Bill Clinton, etc...) IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE FOR THERE TO BE INCREDIBLY LIKEABLE DEMOCRATS, such as the democrats from New Providence, and other small towns.
Famous Democrat: Hey, that's a nice lunch you have there, I hope you don't mind if I take half of it.
Person: Why?
Famous Democrat: Because it belongs to the Government, and not you.
Person: Look, I'm a democrat too, and am I asking for your lunch?
Famous Democrat: But I am a famous democrats.
Person: Look, I don' t mean to be rude, and I'm all for democracy, but can I eat my lunch in peace please?
Famous Democrat: You mean our lunch.
by a Concerned Citizen October 29, 2013
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