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The only talented star on disney channel. She has mean to compared to Miley Cyrus but unlike that skank, she can actually sing, and unlike Selena Gomez, she isn't overly-perfect and goodie-two-shoes.
She is also a pretty good actress, and is a great rolemodel who doesn't take pictures of herself semi-naked like Miley, Vanessa Hudgens and Adrienne Bailon.
She has good taste in music, which is rare for a 16 year old girl, especially one on the disney channel.
She is hated by stupid teenyboppers for playing alongside the fag Joe Jonas.
She deserves more credit and should leave Disney.
Mother: I've banned my daughter from watching Hannah Montana because that Miley Cyrus is such a slut. I do like that Demi Lovato girl though.

Normal Person: Shut up, atleast she has talent. Something 'your man' is lacking in.
by ironmaidenftwthough July 22, 2009
A 19 year old former Disney Star. Last year, she went to rehab for an eating disorder, self-harm, and was diagnosed as bipolar. She has recovered and come back stronger than ever. Her third album, Unbroken was released in September 2011. Her first single off the album, Skyscraper became very popular and was even played on the radio. She recently won a People's Choice Award for Best Pop Artist! Demi is an inspiration to all teenage girls. She has a beautiful, healthy body no matter what people say. Demi has remained down to earth through it all and should be admired for her strength to conquer her personal issues.
"Did you see Demi Lovato's new tattoos?

Yeah it says Stay Strong on her wrists! She is my idol!

"Oh my gosh, how great is Demi Lovato's new album?"

Sooooo good! I love her new single Give Your Heart a Break!
by smileyface33 January 13, 2012
A girl who is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. All you urban dictionary haters have constantly made fun of her hair, smile, teeth, voice, etc., and that is just a cruel thing to do.
How would you feel if stupid people posted crap about you online?
Or made fun of you for being in rehab because you are trying to fix your problems, is that something that should be fun of? NO.
Part of the reason why she is in rehab is probably because of people like you! She should have a right to love herself just like you guys!

She is beautiful and talented, she may have her flaws, but so does everyone else on this planet.
Person 1-Hey look at that girl, shes beautiful!
Person 2- Yeah, she looks like Demi Lovato!
by Anti Cookie-Cutter June 04, 2011
A child star with a promising future in music. I like her and I usually hate Disney stars. My cousins love JB and don't like her. I dispise JB and like Demi.
Demi Lovato is a much better buy then Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus or Hannie Montranny
by Guess What?!?!?! June 29, 2009
amazing person:
-"Demi Lovato? Who's that?"
-"That could be considered treason; she's the queen."
by writtenwords_ July 18, 2014
A cute, funny, smart and inspirational woman who saved the lives of millions.
Person 1: Do you know who Demi Lovato is?
Person 2: You mean that inspirational sex goddess who goes by the name of "Demi"? Yeah I know her.
by Lovatic4life August 28, 2012
One of the least talented actresses and singers on the planet, if you can even call her that. Easily despisable, and should probably just fall off the planet.
Dude, Demi Lovato sucks ass so bad.
by magic pants lolwtf January 27, 2011