Demi Lovato is a 16-year-old american singer/actress.
She is amazingly talented and is a disney star,she is also bestfriends with The Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. She has a non-famous best friend called Marissa Callahan. Demi can play the guitar,piano,tambourine and is currently being taught the drums by rumoured boyfriend Joe Jonas. She has an incredible voice and stars in her own television show 'Sonny With A Chance'. Lovato writes all her songs and has just finished working on her sophmore album.
Demi Lovato's Starred in her own movie,along side The Jonas Brothers,called 'Camp Rock'. Demi Played 'Mitchie Torres' an aspiring musician,who falls for bad boy rocker 'Shane Gray' played by Joe Jonas. This is were the rumors of a relationship between the close friends began.
Person 1:omg,have you heard demi lovato's new song?

Person 2:yeah,its awsome! her voice is amazing

Person 1:i know right! just like her television show

Person 2:arent her and hottie joe jonas dating??

Person 1:i dunno,but they make a cute couple
by jessiew1 May 29, 2009
A 19 year old former Disney Star. Last year, she went to rehab for an eating disorder, self-harm, and was diagnosed as bipolar. She has recovered and come back stronger than ever. Her third album, Unbroken was released in September 2011. Her first single off the album, Skyscraper became very popular and was even played on the radio. She recently won a People's Choice Award for Best Pop Artist! Demi is an inspiration to all teenage girls. She has a beautiful, healthy body no matter what people say. Demi has remained down to earth through it all and should be admired for her strength to conquer her personal issues.
"Did you see Demi Lovato's new tattoos?

Yeah it says Stay Strong on her wrists! She is my idol!

"Oh my gosh, how great is Demi Lovato's new album?"

Sooooo good! I love her new single Give Your Heart a Break!
by smileyface33 January 13, 2012
Demi Lovato is a complete and total attention whore. she thinks that because she was in rehab shes great. although in all actuality, she is talent less, ugly, annoying and an attention whore. Demi deserves to be hated because she is an all around bad person
friend: i like demi lovato
me:you deserve to die
Friend: why?
me: shes a talent less, ugly, attention whore
by jenna-marie November 27, 2012
A very overrated "pop star" and "actress". Spends most of her time trying to generate buzz by complaining about everything under the sun and trying to start feuds with more relevant celebrities, usually by claiming that they are somehow making fun of eating disorders for reasons that she pulls out of her ass. This is her main method of getting attention because she fails to do so with her music, which is mediocre at best and her acting, which makes the actors in your local commercials look like they deserve an Oscar in comparison.

She surrounds herself with her rabid, lunatic fans whom are known as "Lovatics". It sounds like a disease for a reason. They look to her as some sort of goddess, despite her lack of talent or remarkability of any kind. They also think she's a "bad ass" and a "rebel" even though she's about as edgy as a 12-year-old posting pictures of themselves giving the finger on Facebook.
Maybe if Demi Lovato focused more on her career instead of the next thing she's going to whine about on Twitter her music wouldn't suck so bad.
by Hriz August 11, 2014
amazing person:
-"Demi Lovato? Who's that?"
-"That could be considered treason; she's the queen."
by writtenwords_ July 18, 2014
A women who teen look up to because of her past with bullying,eating disorders and self harm. She is a role model to teens going through the same thing. She was first on Barney with Selena Gomez, later staring on Disneys Camp Rock with Joe Jonas, she also stared in Princess Protection Progam with Selena Gomez. She got her own show Sonny With A Chance. The show had 47 episodes and later from 2009-2011. The show was canceled was Demi was put in rehab. She also sings and is a judge on The X Factor in England
by LedaBoo June 28, 2013
A child star with a promising future in music. I like her and I usually hate Disney stars. My cousins love JB and don't like her. I dispise JB and like Demi.
Demi Lovato is a much better buy then Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus or Hannie Montranny
by Guess What?!?!?! June 29, 2009
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