A special magic with dark gravity abilites that cuts your health in half.
Time Mag-RF: 1 Steel Orb refines into 15 Demis; 1 Black Hole refines into 30 Demis
by xKx June 05, 2013
Top Definition
A cool person. Someone popular for their personality and interests.
"Did you see him? He's so Demi!"
by H-MK-M March 14, 2008
Demi is a beautiful gally. Who loves all. Even when the clouds are grey she brings sunshine to the world. Loving and often known for her ability of cheering up people, having a laugh and for her long hair. You cant live without a demi.
Everyone wants a demi as their bestfriend.
Boistrous yet carm and friendly girl, always there for you when you need her. Always up for a bit of bantaaa.

Girl 1: I'm so bored.
Girl 2: We need a demi!
by imzzy January 21, 2012
A greek girl who is funny, hot, cool to be around, everyone wants to bang her, but can be a bitch---then gets over it quickly and back 2 normal.
Guy 1:Woah, do you know that girl?!?

Guy 2:Yea! Shes such a Demi!

Guy 1:Damn, I want to bang her.

by XoLover124Xo February 14, 2009
A REALLY pretty greek girl. She has a lot of friends and usually her favorite color is purple. She has a dog. She is usually popular with the boys too.
Oh my god! That girl is such a demi!
by CaLi B0YY September 23, 2009
An awesome person who is NOT a slut. She is pretty and fun to be around, NOT DUMB, NOT A PROSTITUTE, NOT A DESPERATE WANNABE MODEL, is smart, kind, funny and is really flirty. AND A FEMALE, NOT A MALE OR A PUSSY!
1. 'OMG, you saw that girl'
2. 'Yeah!! She's soo hot'
1. 'I'm sooo talking to that demi'
by Demi_is_awesome July 13, 2010
A great GIRL who most every one likes. She's funny, but people think she is blonde because she makes mistakes, but realy, she's super smart if you get to know her. All the guys like to talk to her, but half of the time she's oblivius, and doesnt notice that she is flurting. She's SUPER hot and she has almost too many friends. She talks in class and is blunt to everyone. Even though she can be a bitch she still deeply loved by everyone.
Guy A: "Dude you know Demi?"
Guy B: "Dude are you joking me everyone does"
Guy A: "Think I should ask her in a date?"
Guy B: "Too Late"
(Guy B walks towrds Demi)
by lovefrome October 26, 2011
The most beautiful girl I know, she's just perfect, the best girl a man could ask for, once you love her and she loves you, it's forever.
" I love you demi"
by DaaaveID November 04, 2011
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