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Demi Lovato is a complete and total attention whore. she thinks that because she was in rehab shes great. although in all actuality, she is talent less, ugly, annoying and an attention whore. Demi deserves to be hated because she is an all around bad person
friend: i like demi lovato
me:you deserve to die
Friend: why?
me: shes a talent less, ugly, attention whore
by jenna-marie November 27, 2012
Another Disney Star destined to be another train wreck although no early symptoms have been shown like her counterpart, Miley Cyrus.

Unlike Miley Cyrus, this girl actually has this thing that we can call voice or singing. Poor thing that such voice only sings manufactured pop. Thanks to Disney who earns billions from hardworking parents of slutty delusional tweens. They brainwash parents to thinking that she's a great role model to their kids while the tweens are forever corrupted thinking that Disney music and shows are these perfect masterpieces. What will become of our generation!
The classic Disneys used to be so wholesome.

That's it! Nothing special though. Looks like she's in her 40s. MILF, mother of 11. Sometimes like a tranny. Whatever, come on! The more thumbs down I get, will make me more popular as the definition with most thumbs down. Haaaah!

I also think that she's somewhat a hypocrite hiding behind the wholesome Disney image. She's definitely a depressed wristcutter. A nymphomaniac with 187 kinds of VDs and STDs. Furthermore, she took your precious hobo / faggot Joe Jonas. Ha ha ha ha!

I don't know there's just something not right with this girl. She does not have this Disney qualities. However suck she is, at least she can sing but too bad she sings shitty songs.

I'm not trying to be funny. I'm serious. o_O
Demi Lovato used to be a 43 year-old tranny and mother of 11.

Demi Lovato is a MILF because she used to be 43.
by Dame Lady BooBoo April 07, 2010
An untalented actress and musician. Known for not singing, but yelling the words into a microphone.
I have to pick between Demi Lovato or an orange to do a duet with me. I'm picking the orange.
by KillTheDead December 22, 2010
Most commonly used as a way to refer to someone who is untalented, ugly, or a combination of the two. Most specimens have a gap tooth and butt chin, and smile like an over excited two year old. Wears "edgy" clothing (skinny jeans, black t-shirts, and converse are ultra-awesome). Doesn't have any style or originality. Their music is mostly digitally altered with lots of really edgy lyrics about how totally in love it is. Confuses being bullied with being criticized, and cuts itself, because of all it's totally real emotions. Will be forgotten in a few years.
Girl 1: How do I look?
Girl 2: Oh my god! Take that off! You look like a Demi Lovato!
Girl 1: My outfit is that bad?
Girl 2: Yes! Also, you have a butt chin, and your voice makes my ears bleed.
by Demilovatolover November 23, 2010
An actress on Disney Channel that is ok, not too bad but not that special. She was in Camp Rock which was totally disney and now is the star of a new tv show called Sonny With a Chance. Her smile is kinda squarish though.
Racheal: Want to see my yearbook picture?

Tammy: Wow, you're smile is kind of Demi Lovato.

Rachael: Really? Maybe that means I can be the star of a movie with the Jonas Brothers!
by Southpaw29 August 26, 2009