A young nineteen year old woman who is currently the role model to teenagers everywhere. The amazing Demi Lovato had suffered from eating disorders, cutting, bullying and basically everything most teenage girls go through. After being in rehab for three months she came out to share her story and inspire millions.
Her first album, Don't Forget, went gold.
After only a couple of short months, her first single off her new record Unbroken, Skyscraper, went gold, proving that she is the most talented Disney star, or, rather I should say she is the most talented singer I have seen in a long time.

Demi Lovato is gorgeous. Flawless. Pretty. Amazing. Inspiring. REAL. No one is perfect, but she's damn close.

No one with a heart, brain or soul can not like her. Only the devil himself would tell Demi she's nothing above.
1: Have you heard Selena Gomez's new single?
2: Please, she's old news. Demi Lovato's single went Gold. I love her!
1: What's so great about her?
2: Um, everything. She saved my life.
1: How?
2: Haven't you head her story?
1: What story?
2: Wow.. Just wow.
by Lovatic'92 September 28, 2011
Disney's newest manufactured star, however, unlike all of the others, actually possesses a good amount of talent and charm. Maybe not the best actress ever, however that may change when she is in a different environment and not surrounded by other people who are over acting to the extreme (I can't help but wonder if they are told to do so...) She does write and perform her own songs, a rarity for Disney. Not to mention her music does have a smidgen of originality in it, I only hope that she grows up to have a successful career as a legitimate artist and grows as a musician.
Person 1: Did you watch Camp Rock?
Person 2: *shudders* Yeah man... the only relief was Demi Lovato. She is a talented one, she is.
Person 2: That she is.
by AlisaAnne June 18, 2009
The only talented musician to ever be signed by Disney channel. She's a great singer, guitarist and pianist. Unlike the bitch called Miley Cyrus, she actually sings, whereas Miley just drags her words out. Her first single is called "Get Back". As soon as she stops teaming up with the Jonas Brothers, she'll reach her full potential.

Btw, vballhappa is a 12 year old Jonas Brothers whore.
Jonas brother whore: I hate demi lovato! she made out with joe!

Person with a brain: It's called acting you stupid bitch. Besides, they don't even kiss in the movie. Stupid 11 year old Jonas brothers whore.
by Black_Spade October 19, 2008
A professional singer (and former actress) who is known for her role as an X-Factor judge, and for her music. Having released four albums she is very successful in her career, and has worked with many other famous people.
Starting out in 'Barney and Friends', Demi worked with Disney to become the lead actress of Camp Rock, Princess Protection Programme and Camp Rock 2, as well as an actress on the TV show 'sonny with a chance'. Demi left her acting career in 2010/2011 to pursue her music more.
Demi is known for her personal struggle with eating disorders, and she has been diagnosed as a bipolar individual. She went to rehab in October of 2010, and came out in January of 2011. Although Demi thought she would no longer have a career after rehab, this was proven false by the support of her fans and the responses she got to her song 'Skyscraper' which she made after treatment.
Demi is now very active in anti-bullying campaigns, and tries to support victims of eating disorders and bullying. With her fourth album 'DEMI', Demi has experienced a swell of success, and is due to come back to X-Factor this year.
Today she has few critics, as her success in her career and personal life has silenced all credible critics.
She sings very well live, and her voice is a powerful and intoxicating drug that is hard to get over when you start listening to it. She writes almost all of her songs, and the success of her song writing skills prove in the amount of fans and views she has gained.
Friend: Have you heard about Demi Lovato's new album?
Friend 2: Yeah, I love Heart Attack! It's so cool!
Friend: I just feel like I can really relate to her.
Friend 2: Yeah, she's incredible. Even after suffering through what she did, she's still strong, and she's still amazing. Her voice is gorgeous!
by Truth Person. May 15, 2013
The only girl who joined Disney that chose to be herself. She isn't some little pop music robot. She is a rocker with a loud, amazing voice similar to Christina Aguilera. She is different from other Disney girls. Unlike Miley Cyrus, she isn't dressing like a whore to leave Disney, and unlike Selena Gomez she doesn't dump her friends. She is the most talented and will go far. Demi is hated for being different and dating Joe Jonas. After their break up, she changed one word in her song, though Joe Jonas did this three times before. Demi in her own way is leaving Disney.
"Why don't you just stick to tambourine?"

by Demi Lovato Fan July 06, 2010
Demi Lovato is a 16-year-old american singer/actress.
She is amazingly talented and is a disney star,she is also bestfriends with The Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. She has a non-famous best friend called Marissa Callahan. Demi can play the guitar,piano,tambourine and is currently being taught the drums by rumoured boyfriend Joe Jonas. She has an incredible voice and stars in her own television show 'Sonny With A Chance'. Lovato writes all her songs and has just finished working on her sophmore album.
Demi Lovato's Starred in her own movie,along side The Jonas Brothers,called 'Camp Rock'. Demi Played 'Mitchie Torres' an aspiring musician,who falls for bad boy rocker 'Shane Gray' played by Joe Jonas. This is were the rumors of a relationship between the close friends began.
Person 1:omg,have you heard demi lovato's new song?

Person 2:yeah,its awsome! her voice is amazing

Person 1:i know right! just like her television show

Person 2:arent her and hottie joe jonas dating??

Person 1:i dunno,but they make a cute couple
by jessiew1 May 29, 2009
The only talented star on disney channel. She has mean to compared to Miley Cyrus but unlike that skank, she can actually sing, and unlike Selena Gomez, she isn't overly-perfect and goodie-two-shoes.
She is also a pretty good actress, and is a great rolemodel who doesn't take pictures of herself semi-naked like Miley, Vanessa Hudgens and Adrienne Bailon.
She has good taste in music, which is rare for a 16 year old girl, especially one on the disney channel.
She is hated by stupid teenyboppers for playing alongside the fag Joe Jonas.
She deserves more credit and should leave Disney.
Mother: I've banned my daughter from watching Hannah Montana because that Miley Cyrus is such a slut. I do like that Demi Lovato girl though.

Normal Person: Shut up, atleast she has talent. Something 'your man' is lacking in.
by ironmaidenftwthough July 22, 2009

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