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An amazing actress, singer, and teen sensation. Knocked Miley Cyrus off her pedestal and is the reigning Disney queen. Pretty and talented. Hates by jealous, immature tweens who believe that they will one day marry a Jonas Brother. Also hated by insane 12-year-olds because not only is she one of the most talented 15-year-olds, but because Nick Jonas called her "cute". She is the definition of what a real role model should be.
Kat: Hey, did you hear Miley's new single "7 things"?
Sue: HELLS TO THE NO! I don't listen to that slut! I prefer the more talented Demi Lovato. I just created a definition for her on Urban Dictionary
Kat: really?
Sue: Yep! But jealous tweeny boppers with no lives are gonna give it lots of 'thumbs down'
by Jonas Jonas Jonas July 10, 2008
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A 15 year old female most known for her character on "Camp Rock" or "as the bell rings" disliked by millions of girls for 'stealing' Joe Jonas, though she's only playing a roll in a movie. Remember girls. You have to have something in order for it to be stollen. Not trying to be mean here. I have an insanely huge crush on Joe myself, but I try to keep it under my skin. She is a brunette girl with bangs and an amazing voice. She can play the guitar, piano, sing, act and dance so I say she's pretty talented.
most girls should stop hating and start being jealous. She's just a girl like 51% of the world.

Person 1: Wow, I hate Demi Lovato.
Person 2: Um, why?
Person 1: because she is TOTALLY clicking with Joe!
Person 2: She's playing a role...
Person 1: SO! I still don't like her.
Person 2: Do you even know her?
Person 1: No..
Person 1: Exactly.

you can hate their
dnace moves,
face ( :o )

but not them.
by geostigmax2 July 10, 2008
Disney's latest tween idol, but unlike Miley Cyrus, actually has a lot of talent.
Pretty much the only reason Camp Rock rocked.
Probably going to be "the next big thing", and in fact has been introduced as so by Disney.
Has gained lots of "haters", most of them 10 year old girls who think they will someday become "Mrs. Joe Jonas"
Will probably be a big thing for a while, not a few years like current reigning pop queen Miley Cyrus.'
Francesca-Hey, did you see Camp Rock on Friday?
Beatrice-Heck yes I did!
Francesca-Wasn't Joe just a dream?
Beatrice-Joe? I wasn't even paying attention to him. Demi Lovato rocks!
Francesca-Ewwww, I hate her!
Beatrice-Why? She's frickin awesome!
Francesca-Well, I guess she's okay...but it's so disgusting how clingy she is with Joe! Miley's so much better. She would never do anything like that!
Beatrice-No comment.
by Jenette L July 10, 2008
A wonderful singer and actress who is a good role model to many young girls.

This girl however is hated by jealous immature girls who claim she "stole" Joe Jonas.

Get over yourself girls. You'll probably never have a decent conversation with the boy.

She is also disliked by hard core Miley Cyrus fans who cannot deal with the fact That Demi will be kicking Miley out on her ass.

Bestfriends with fellow actress Selena Gomez.

Person 1: Dude it's Demi Lovato! I love her!

Person 2: I know, she is so awesome!

Person 3: I hate her.

Person 1 and 2: Why?

Person 3: She took Joe and she is trying to take Miley Cyrus's spot!

Person 1&2: Those are such stupid reasons.
by Deezaleza July 17, 2008
A young American singer-songwriter/actress. She is Disney's newest starlet. But unlike most, she has an amazing amount of talent. Her voice gives people chills and she writes her own material. She also plays guitar and piano. Demi's debut album "Don't Forget" comes out September 23 2008.
Demi Lovato is so amazing.
by LMA0123 September 21, 2008
Demi Lovato may only be 15 but she as already accomplished so much in her acting and singing career. You may know her as Charlotte from Disney Channel’s “As The Bell Rings”, or guest roles in multiple television series like Fox’s national hit series “Prison Break” and Nickelodeon’s sitcom“Just Jordan”. She also plays the lead, “Mitchie”, in Disney Channel’s Original Movie “Camp Rock” which is Disney’s newest musical premiring June 2008. Demi is continuing to write and hopes to record more songs this year!.
Faye:Have you heard about Demi Lovato?
by Faye[ojd] March 15, 2008
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