girls hitting a guy in the balls extremely hard.
"I'm gonna de-man you if you don't stop messin with me!"
by none of your bee's wax September 24, 2008
Top Definition
"De-Mans", to remove manliness from something.
Dude, that red collar demans you.
by j03-02 March 10, 2011
From the roots 'dirty' and 'semen.' Means dirty semen.
Came home and banged my girlfriend after a week of camping. Gave her the demen
by wrastlinman October 16, 2009
Kind of like a Demon, but with Angelic qualities. Short for Demangel.
My heart filled with hope when I saw the angel descending upon me, but my hope turned to fear when I realized it was the Deman, an unholy entity.
by Devin February 17, 2004
deman - verb. To castrate or otherwise render useless the male member.
If he goes for a guys' weekend in Vegas, give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives you reason to deman him.

She's gonna' go Lorena Bobbit and deman him if he doesn't learn to keep it in his pants.
by KReeseSouthernSlang February 12, 2010
a person who has no willy, and usually is used to insult someone
oh no not deman!

oh you're such a deman, why'd u do that u fucking prick?
by Yourmum April 06, 2005
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