Used as the direct object of a verb: Yo yall we saw dems at the park playing ball.
Used as the indirect object of a verb: Yo yall we gave dems a round of applause after the foul shot.
Used as the object of a preposition: Yo yall this feces sandwich is for dems.
Informal. Used as a predicate nominative: Yo yall it's dems!
"Yo yall why you be calling dems free throws, dems isn't free, dems is hard!" - Kodi Shay
by Than Mantle March 02, 2005
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Short for "Them", often used in txting and rap music
"we betta warn dem"
"we better warn them"
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
slang for 'them', while 'them' actually is used as synonym for 'those'.
check dem chicks
check them chicks
check those chicks
by me1338 November 07, 2011
This is how black people say "them".
"Let dem ho's fight."

"Fa sho."
by Hollaback1212 January 27, 2009
A alternate term for "damn" that is used by many teenage boys on chats. The word eventually moved into the spoken vocabulary of such boys.

Similar to the word "shee," which is an alternate form of "shit."
Brosef911: Yo how long does the phys hw take
ImAwesome69: bro like 6 hours
Brosef911: dems
ImAwesome69: shee, inorite

Bob: dude look at that girls ass
Joe: dems thats some fine booty
Bob: shee, inorite
by ElBandersnatch September 08, 2010
is the abbreviated term or short for the word demons. Demons, or personal demons, can be used for someone's ongoing problems they face. It can be the result of anything that is negative. It can also apply to things; malfunctions of equipment, and items not functioning to it's normal use.
Someone who suffers from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addictions, would all be examples of DEMS.

"I have mad gambling dems because i spent all of my life's savings away."

DEMS in relation to things:

"My car's engine light keeps turning on, and my brakes suddenly aren't working," would suggest someone has car dems.
by jammendolea May 28, 2011
Shortened for deus ex machina, a term used to describe sudden plot twists in works of anime, movies, and other stories, normally involving a hero's fight against a villain, and favoring the hero, allowing him to win by otherwise unused methods within that fight.
DEM normally involves the hero getting beaten to a pulp until somehow ascends in power and uses that to destroy the villain in a matter of one or two hits.
by Durango October 17, 2007
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