Fraternity that tends to run most campuses. Alumni include Matthew McConaughey, Will Ferrell, John Elway, and many more. Top notch bros who know how to party and carry themselves. Chaying when it's warm is a complete must, as well as broing out on the reg. Don't mess with a Delt, we'll kick your ass and take your girl.
SigChi: Damn, those Delta Tau Deltas really know how to live...I wish they gave me a bid.

SAE: Yeah dude, those Delts have everything locked up tight.
by DeltBro April 13, 2010
Top Definition
Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in present day West Virginia Eight men, angered by a fixed vote for a prize in oratory to be given at the Neotrophian Literary Society (a forum for students to practice and demonstrate skills in poetry, public speaking and writing essays), responded by forming a secret society. The purpose of the new society, known only by the Greek letters Delta Tau Delta, was to see the Neotrophian Society returned to popular control.

Delta Tau Delta was born of the knowledge that integrity is essential. The founding principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power have provided a guide for both the Fraternity and its membership.

Since 1858 the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses with over 115 active chapters and colonies comprised of about 6,000 undergraduate members. Just shy of 150 years, Delta Tau Delta has in excess of 154,000 men who have become members of the Fraternity.
Delta Tau Delta is the Best Fraternity Around
by Bruce Brown March 05, 2008
Men with undoubtably large penises.
Brandon can't wear shorts

How come?

He's in Delta Tau Delta

by B-March September 29, 2006
College men who have huge cocks.
"Kirk is in Delta Tau Delta. He is well-endowed."
by Kirk A. September 28, 2006
A college fraternity known for the best social events, fun philanthropies, highest GPA, and always having fly hunnies wanting in on some of the action. Delt is not lame like (some other fraternities on campus). We Dominate The Domain=DTD
Melissa: "Hey girl, are you going to the Delt Date Party?"

Christina: "For sure, I know I will be safe there and the guys will treat me right."

Melissa: "Word. Those guys in Delta Tau Delta really are going somewhere in life."
by Mic Jagger March 30, 2009
A college fraternity that is in existence for two reasons: to be hot and ballin' and good at life. This is acheived through the Delt principles of Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power.

Truth: We don't lie to our pledges
Courage: We don't take shit from anyone
Faith: We believe in a higher power
Power: We run the campus
Angela: "Did you hear that 80% of the dudes rushing this semester went Delta Tau Delta?"

Beth: "Sure did, these college freshmen boys are becoming wiser every year when it comes to joing a Greek house!"

Angela: "Yeah, and they know they will get some luvin' from us too."
by GreekGod007 May 02, 2009
A group of intolerant racist rednecks typically found at small universities in the east Texas vicinity. Known for their constant smiles and seemingly polite mannerisms, delts often bitch like sorority girls and have a Napoleon complex. These ignoramuses often throw rush parties where they let in underage girls and, after the cops show up, claim that this has "never happened before". The pledge master is also typically a southern baptist closet homosexual who likes to play gay board games like chutes and ladders rather than fuck hot girls. The other officers are typically wannabe rich white redneck trash from Arkansas or a short kinesiology major who has semi hot girlfriend and thinks he's badass.
Guy number one: "hey man! I'm rushing delta tau delta!"
Guy number two: "have fun playing chutes and ladders. Just make sure ur chute stays closed while around your pledge master!"
by Deltssuckass February 02, 2011
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