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The largest, strongest and fastest growing South Asian sorority. It was established on December 6, 1998 at the University of Houston by sixteen South Asian women who recognized the need for an organization to promote the advancement of South Asian women. Seventeen women from various backgrounds came together with the common goal of uniting women among the South Asian community. The honorable founding mothers created the backbone of this sorority on the basis of the five pillars of Sisterhood, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, and Friendship. Delta Phi Omega accepts women from all backgrounds and ethnicities, which is what makes them so unique.
Also referred to as DPO or DPhiO.
DPhiO rushee: Why is it that every Delta Phi Omega I meet is so awesome??
DPhiO sister: Well, we were Destined to Prevail against all Odds

Guy: That chick is so cool and down-to-earth
Friend: Yea well shes a DPO, isn't she?
by sunflower13 June 13, 2013
The best South Asian sorority out there. Their sisters are sassy, classy and a bit smart assy. Doesn't matter what type of girl you are, you are sure to fit in with this diverse group of women. Over 1600 sisters nationwide with all different backgrounds. Be prepared to be blown away when you meet one of these girls.

Established: December 6, 1998
Colors: red, black and silver
Gems: Diamonds and Red Rubies
Flower: White Orchid
Mascot: Bengal Tiger
Motto: We dreamt, we saw, we conquered
Rushee: Dammmn you guys sure seem to be proud of your letters!
DPO: Duh, we are in Delta Phi Omega.
by destinedtoprevail June 13, 2013
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