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A saavy,highly intelligent and sexy woman. She has many friends and is a devoted mate. She is nurturing and very confident. Rooms light up when she enters them. She is flirtatious and always makes people feel good about themselves. She gives 100 percent in all she does and has a great sense of humor She is loved and wanted by many. She also rules the dance floor.
I just love that Delores, she always makes me smile!
by nicenurse February 03, 2010
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FABULOUS! DELICIOUS! GLAMOROUS, and everything in between.
1.You are lookin so Delore Gurllll!! Those nails are mad Delore!

2. That guy is so Delore, I want to take a bite.
by Axeman & Squiggs June 20, 2011
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A complete waste of human flesh. Someone who is only worried about herself and has a little brain. Often surrounds herself with others that are just as useless as she is. She thinks she is slick but deep down is a coward that takes the high road. A person who is fake, lame, and for some reason hairy.
Some one clogged the toilet with a giant delores.
Delores is like a gull bladder. If you remove it nothing happens and no one misses it.
by saywhatyougottosayho February 26, 2010
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1 disgusting stupid fucking cunt
2 Jesus freak
3 inhuman bodu fat and ugly
4 selifish greedy slut
by seliste1 July 03, 2010
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