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A total douchebag who you always want to punch in the face. Every time you look at this person you want to kick them in the nuts. They smell bad and look disheveled and wear a big white mouth guard because they are of low intelligence
That guy who wears that stupid windbreaker and old dirty Reebok sneakers is a real dellavedova, I can't stand him!
by Zags fan February 09, 2012
Noun. A scrappy basketball player with a unique talent for shutting down MVPs during NBA finals.
Dellavedova owns Steph Curry.
by lou_forrillo June 12, 2015
Noun. The act of antagonizing another person in a cheap manner in order to succeed. Mainly enacted when legitimate victory is unlikey, especially in game 5 of the east semis.
I pulled a real Dellavedova when i got Gibson kicked out of the game by preventing him from hustling down the court to play defense and actual basketball.
by notevenabullsfan May 14, 2015
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