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A writer, a true person, a book berd, listens to great music, loves Harry Potter, has a hot boyfriend, great style without trying, everyone's friend, beautiful girl, amazing girl, awesome girl, resides in a small town, lovable, all around magnificent.
Man that girl is really a Delaney.
by Molly June 17, 2006
Is a very polite girl with many friends, she is easy to get along with and shes vary lovable. She is a great student with great comments by her teacher. she has the best friends ever! she will always dream of when she opens a buissnes. she is vary artsy and loves Hockey.
Person1: OMFG! Delaney is soooo pretty,nice ,and smart
Person2:I know didnt you look her up on urban dictonary?
by Lady28282828 April 25, 2010
A girl who is down to earth. Loves animals especially Yorkshire terriers.Has a friend who tell her secrets. Has a cute, sweet ,and caring boyfriend. Loves life!! Likes a guy who has a girlfriend, and he asked delaney out before but she said no. She is the start of many crushes, thinks of herself as ugly.:( and she is an amazing person.She is nice to everyone.Eveyone loves her. She is nice and is sometimes called a teachers pet.
Ohh look it's Delaney she is such a caring person
by Cutiepic February 14, 2010
A girl who is reserved around people she doesn't know too well, but is a lot of fun when you get to know her. She is short and has dark hair. Enjoys parties. One of the nicest and most genuine girls you will ever meet.
"Man, that girl is such a Delaney"
"I wish I was as nice as Delaney, maybe more people would like me."
by Henrry January 10, 2012
An incredible girl. Has the cutest freckles and a perfect smile. Has a boyfriend but many guys have liked her anyways because of how amazing she is. She likes to read and write, and she's a dancer. She really is the definition of perfect.
Delaney is the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by j10408 January 15, 2011

She is the most amazing girl in the world, not to mention she is the worlds greatest girlfriend, she really knows how to make you smile even if you are down. She is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, and just flat out amazing. She gives the sweetest complements and she means it! She will do the cutest things even in the least expected times. She's a romantic and a great kisser ;) and the one I want to be with forever. If you get the chance to fall in love with her you better take it, you won't regret it! She's somone you never want to lose! I love you with all of my heart D <3
Delaney is the greatest girlfriend ever.
by Cole_S11 December 25, 2014
A very amiable , adorable, smexxi, sweet, genial, cute girl who loves her friends and fam. She is STRAIGHT (haha lesbos) and has beautiful eyes.
Hey there Delaney. You're lookin' pretty as ever.
by CookieMonstersSmexxiSistah April 05, 2011
Delaney is pretty. She has a strong opinion. She laughs a lot, and is barely ever mad. She is very sweet, and polite.
Stay away boys, Delaney's mine!
by B-Ball Man December 15, 2014
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