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1. (noun) A notoriously badass family that chose to reside in the town of Flagstaff, therefore making Flagstaff 1000x more badass. These are party people that will ALWAYS give you a good time. They are very caring and loyal and loving and protective of their friends. Don't get on their bad side though, they will fuck you up.

2. (verb) The act of doing something ridiculously awesome/badass, or in other words, doing something of Delaibau status (usually at a party).
1. "Dude, are you going to the Delaibau party tomorrow night?"
"Hell yes man, I wouldn't miss it for anything!"

2. "He just killed a bottle of vodka in 3 swigs! Way to do a Delaibau, bro!"
by Shemaleaf December 28, 2011
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