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Deidre Brass is the sexiest girl alive!! She has beautiful big brown eyes and the body of a model. She has long thick brown hair and lips like Angelina Jolie. She has the fashion sense of a great fashion designer. Her clothes fit her body perfectly. She could wear anything and still look damn fine. I'd tap her ass anyday. Also see hottie
Oh my god! I've seen an angel.. nope it's Deidre Brass. I wish I could be as cool as her!
by Tricia fucking Wright March 06, 2005
1 Word related to Deidre Brass
A girl that is awesome and everyone loves her!!. shes soo pretty! Shes one of my best friends and i think she is the funniest person ever.she is the best!
Friend : " aww i love Deidre"
Everyone: " so do we!! shes awesome"
by awexa March 06, 2005
The beautifulest person in the world. Who I love more than anything
Deidre Brass is the person you want to be!
by bitch March 06, 2005

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