The type of guy that owns every pun day from Tuesday till Monday
The type of guy that reigns the mid, bot or top of leagues created for legends

The guy who is master at the shop called photo
The guy who stretches out above his fellow mates for he is taller than them
The guy who wears the pants that hang from his ass
Who maybe has a split personality, but is still awesome

Who does not like typing long messages, but still sometimes does it for the people he cares about
Who does not like shaving his beard, because it makes him look young and innocent
Who can get it right to flirt with any girl because his big blue eyes make them melt
Who has lots of friends because everyone enjoys his company
Who is amazing because it's in his nature
Who is talented because he was given a special gift
Who is humble even though he is not shy

Who is confident even though he can't read properly in front of the class
Who is born to be great
Who is more than he will ever notice
Who is a legend in the hearts of everyone who knows him
"I just want a special place in his heart."
"Why do you want that from a legend?"
"Because he is a real Dehan"
by Dercas November 13, 2013
Top Definition
Used to describe a guy who flirts with every girl he meets, but neglects the girl who would do anything for him. Also usually used to describe a hot guy who is over confident.
Person 1: Who is that hot guy, he sounded really interested in me?
Concerned friend of Person 1: Watch out, he is a Dehan.
Person 1: No wonder he was flirting so easily.
by killdemplayers October 12, 2013

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