When somethin is crap or shit
That car is so deg
by Joilder August 15, 2009
Colloquialism for cigarettes
Just found that deck of degs he lost, f-oath!
by Zwany2Face May 11, 2010
Verb; slang term for fuck that just sounds funnier.
Dude, your girlfriend got drunk last night and totally degged that hairy guy!
by Anti-Martyr March 07, 2008
a DEG is the noun used for a general moron
"what a deg!"
"stop degging everywhere!"
by deg123 October 18, 2009
a word that can replace any adjective; good or bad. usually good, depending in the speakers tone of voice.
that was completely deg
by Marisa April 13, 2005
Degrassi, a Canadian-based television show produced by CTV, follows the dramatic and always familiar lives of the Degrassi High teens. Basically my friends, it's the freakin best show ever. In fact, go watch it. 'Cause ya know what? You go through your daily lives thinking that everything makes sense. But it's in the world of Degrassi where you can learn the truth and how to save yourself. Because in goes there.
Hot guy: you wanna go out tonight?
Me: Um, it's Friday.
Hottie: I
Me: It's Degs night...tron.
by Sky-Rae October 14, 2005

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