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80's hard rock quintet, famous for there one armed drummer, creative guitar riffs, one armed drummer, and lead singer, Joe Elliott's Mullet
"I'm hot sticky sweet from my head to my feet, yeah!!!"
by Slang625 May 21, 2003
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Noun: The Best Fucking band ever! 5 guys, 9 arms and unlimited talent.
Just listen to Rock of Ages, Photograph, Animal, or Armageddon It and you will understand Def Leppard.
by Joekid July 18, 2007
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one the greatest hair bands of the 80's,
My favorite cd of Def Leppard is Hysteria.
by Stacy June 26, 2004
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One of only a few bands to have two albums sell at least 10 million copies each in the U.S. Hysteria and Pyromania are two of the greatest rock records ever, featuring such hits as "Photograph", "Rock of Ages", "Foolin'", "Too Late For Love", "Rock, Rock (Til You Drop)", "Women", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "Armageddon It", "Rocket", and "Hysteria". Famous for ripped jeans, lead singer Joe Elliot's mullet, pioneers in the multi-neon-color fashion, innovators in in-the-round concert setups, British rock band stereotypes, their one armed drummer Rick Allen, electronic drum sets, the guitarists known as the "terror twins" Steve Clark and Phil Collen, and their eccentric bassist/keyboardist Rick Savage. The band was hit with more tragedy when Clark died of alcoholsim in 1991. They are still going strong and their fanbase now spans multiple generations.
Def Leppard is one of the few rock bands from the 1980s that people still care about.
by acb March 21, 2006
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a fucking great band man!!!!! .... nothing like VAULT..... !!! ... newer music is quite ordinary though...
great guitar riffs & awesome drummin' ... yeah ... Pour some sugar on me!
by siddharth January 24, 2004
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An 80's band from Sheffield. Made up of Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Phil Collen (guitar), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Rick Savage (bass guitar), and Rick Allen (drums). If you don't like them, it doesn't matter because enough people do like them that they make more money than any of you losers who sit around on the computer all day because you think it makes you cool to shit on what someone's opinions are. No, get a job and suck it.
Guy: Def Leppard sucks
Girl: They make more money than you.
Guy: So?
Girl: So, you're opinion really doesn't matter because...they make more money than you.
Guy: Oh.
Girl: Get a job and stop mooching off your parents loser.
by SuckItFlamers July 10, 2008
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When a guy's dong looks like a donut, more specifically a Canadian Maple.
-Did you screw that guy last night?

-Oh no dude, he was a total DefLeppard
by Jakrab July 27, 2009
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